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Large-scale sand art installation in the Sahara desert


This isn’t an extraterrestrial intelligence’s base, but an art installation created by D.A.ST. art team (Danae Stratou, Alexandra Stratou, Stella Constantinides) in the Sahara desert near the Red Sea in El Gouna, Egypt. The team began to construct the spiral art installation named “Desert Breath” in June 1995 and spent 2 years to complete this […]

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The Isolator Helmet Designed In 1925


The cover of “Science and Invention” magazine in 1925 shows us an unusual isolator helmet designed by Hugo Gernsback, which can blocks out distractions like noise and help people keep the brain occupied, as well as the oxygen it supplies allows people to focus on works with rapt attention.  

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Funny sushi luggage for sushi lovers

creative-eye-catching-luggage-bag-design-sushi-suitcase (1)

By printing realistic images of shrimp, tuna, salmon sushi on suitcases’ cover, which instantly turn into eye-catching sushi luggage, now you can bring delicious sushi on your trip.   Available here

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Beautiful photographs shooting 25 meters underwater in the middle of Bali

wonderful-amazing-underwater-photography-shipwreck-bali (5)

Breathtaking underwater photographs by Montreal-based photographer Benjamin Von Wong and his team of 2 models, 7 safety divers were created in the waters of Bali where they dived 25 meters to a 50 year old shipwreck, of course, these photos are real except post-production editing with the help of Photoshop.         Source

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The body painting of the Football World Cup – World Cup Selfie


Emma Allen, a London based female artist, painted herself into gold trophy to celebrate the 2014 World Cup tournament in Brazil. Source

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Anatomy One-piece Swimsuit

unusual-eye-catching-amazing-swimsuit-anatomy (2)

Australian company Black Milk Clothing designed an anatomy-themed one-piece swimsuit named Dem Guts that shows internal organs of a human body.     Source

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Funny photo manipulations – World Cup Dogs

funny-world-cup-themed-dog-pictures (2)

The 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil themed series of photo shows funny dogs wearing uniforms of their own national football team, the project named World Cup Dogs was created by Life on White.   Source

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Skeleton suit inspired by X-Rays

creative-fitness-athlete-suit-design-xray-suit (1)

Beside the Muscle Suit, there’s another unusual X-Ray Suit designed by Tomek Pietek that is inspired by X-Rays of a human body, which is also designed for some kinds of athletes, like cyclists, runners, and general health and fitness.

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Human Teeth Shoes

bizarre-weird-shoes-design (1)

“Apex Predator” red shoes designed by Fantich and Young look a little bizarre, which are transformed from classic Mary Jane shoes and carefully inlaid with human dentures. Source

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Eye-catching sports apparel inspired by human anatomy


The unusual sports apparel named Muscle Suit is created by Tomek Pietek in Warszawa, Poland, which was inspired by anatomy of the human body and designed for athletes of some kind, say, cyclists, runners, etc. This small company is still making the series, the arm and the leg warmers. You’d better not wear it at […]

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A female model painted alike a vivid parrot

beautiful-Body-painting-art-pattor (3)

Stunning body art by Johannes Stötter, an Italian artist, musician and body painter, represented the body of a female model as canvas that was exquisitely painted colors and positioned to resemble a beautiful parrot. Most of the talented artist’s works focus on spiritual and nature-related themes.   Source

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