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10 Most Bizarre People on Earth

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Ngoc: three decades without sleep

Sixty-four-year-old Thai Ngoc, known as Hai Ngoc, said he could not sleep at night after

getting a fever in 1973, and has counted infinite numbers of sheep during more than 11,700

consecutive sleepless nights. “I don’t know whether the insomnia has impacted my health or

not. But I’m still healthy and can farm normally like others,” Ngoc said. Proving his health,

the elderly resident of Que Trung commune, Que Son district said he can carry two 50kg bags of

fertilizer down 4km of road to return home every day. His wife said,

“My husband used to sleep well, but these days, even liquor cannot put him down.” She said

when Ngoc went to Da Nang for a medical examination, doctors gave him a clean bill of health,

except a minor decline in liver function. Ngoc currently lives on his 5ha farm at the foot of

a mountain busy with farming and taking care of pigs and chickens all day. His six children

live at their house in Que Trung. Ngoc often does extra farm work or guards his farm at night

to prevent theft, saying he used three months of sleepless nights to dig two large ponds
to raise fish.

Bhagat: had his twin brother on his stomach

Sanju Bhagat’s stomach was once so swollen he looked nine months pregnant and could barely

breathe. iving in the city of Nagpur, India, Bhagat said he’d felt self-conscious his whole

life about his big belly. But one night in June 1999, his problem erupted into something much

larger than cosmetic worry. Mehta said that he can usually spot a tumor just after he begins

an operation. But while operating on Bhagat, Mehta saw something he had never encountered. As

he cut deeper into Bhagat’s stomach, gallons of fluid spilled out — and then something

extraordinary happened. “First, one limb came out, then another limb came out. Then some part

of genitalia, then some part of hair, some limbs, jaws, limbs, hair.”

At first glance, it may look as if Bhagat had given birth. Actually, Mehta had removed the

mutated body of Bhagat’s twin brother from his stomach. Bhagat, they discovered, had one of

the world’s most bizarre medical conditions — fetus in fetu. It is an extremely rare

abnormality that occurs when a fetus gets trapped inside its twin. The trapped fetus can

survive as a parasite even past birth by forming an umbilical cordlike structure that leaches

its twin’s blood supply until it grows so large that it starts to harm the host, at which

point doctors usually intervene.

Yokoi: spent 28 years hidden after WWII

Shoichi Yokoi was a soldier, conscripted into the Imperial Japanese Army in 1941 and sent to

Guam shortly thereafter. In 1944, as American forces reconquered the island, Yokoi went into


On January 24, 1972, Yokoi was discovered in a remote section of Guam by two of the island’s

inhabitants. For 28 years he had been hiding in an underground jungle cave, fearing to come

out of hiding even after finding leaflets declaring that World War II had ended. “It is with

much embarrassment that I have returned alive,” he said upon his return to Japan, carrying his

rusted rifle at his side.

Mehran: lives at the Airport since 1988

Mehran Karimi Nasseri, also known as Sir, Alfred Mehran (yes, including the comma), is an

Iranian refugee who has been living in the departure lounge of Terminal One in Charles de

Gaulle Airport since August 8, 1988. After he was later imprisoned, tortured and expelled from

his country, he applied for asylum in many European countries without luck.

When he decided to go to the United Kingdom, he claimed that he was mugged, and his shoulder

bag stolen while waiting at the RER platform to go to Charles de Gaulle Airport to take a

flight to Heathrow. Nasseri managed to board the plane, but when he arrived at Heathrow

without the necessary documentation, Heathrow officials sent him back to Charles de Gaulle.

Nasseri was unable to prove his identity or his refugee status to the French officials and so

he was moved to the Zone d’attente (waiting zone), a holding area for travellers without


Nasseri was reportedly the inspiration behind the 2004 movie The Terminal. Unlike Tom Hanks’

character in the movie, and since at least 1994, Nasseri does not live in the duty-free

transit area but simply in the departure hall, in the circular boutiques and restaurants

passage on the lowest floor. He can at least theoretically leave the terminal at any moment,

although, since everyone knows him, his departure might not remain unnoticed. He does not seem

to speak with anyone normally. With his cart and bags, he almost looks like a traveler, so

people either do not notice him or ignore him as if he were a homeless person.

Mitsuo: a japanese Jesus Christ

Matayoshi Mitsuo is an eccentric Japanese politician with the conviction that he is the God

and Christ.According to his program, he will do the Last Judgement as the Christ but the way

to do this is totally within the current political system and its legitimacy. His first step

as the Savior is to be appointed the prime minister of Japan. Then he will reform Japanese

society and then the United Nations should offer him the honor of its General Secretary. Then

Matayoshi Jesus will reign over the whole world with two legitimate authorities, not only

religious but also political.

He has presented himself in many elections but he has not won yet. He has become well-known

for his eccentric campaigns where he urges opponents to commit suicide by hara-kiri.

Bihari: most officially dead person

Lal Bihari (born 1961) is a farmer from Uttar Pradesh, India who was officially dead from 1976

to 1994. He founded Mritak Sangh or the Association of the Dead in Uttar Pradesh, India. He

fought Indian government bureaucracy for 18 years to prove that he is alive.

When Lal Bihari tried to apply for a bank loan in 1976, he found out that he was officially

dead. His uncle had bribed a government official to register him as dead so he would get the

ownership of Bihari’s land.

Bihari discovered at least 100 other people in a similar situation, being officially dead. He

formed Mritak Sangh in the Azamgarh district. He and many other members were in danger of

being killed by those who had appropriated their property. Nowadays the association has over

20,000 members all over India. By 2004 they had managed to declare four of their members

alive. In 2004 he ran for a seat in the parliament of Lal Ganj.

Icke: our salvation from Reptilian Humanoids

David Icke, is a former professional football player, BBC television sports presenter, and

British Green Party national spokesperson. Since 1990, he has been what he calls a “full-time

investigator into who and what is really controlling the world.”: reptilians.

He dresses only in turquoise and sustains that the world was ruled by a secret group called

“The Elite”: a race of reptilian humanoids, known in ancient times as the Babylonian

Brotherhood, and that many prominent people are descended from them, including George W. Bush,

Queen Elizabeth II, and Kris Kristofferson. He believes that descendants of the reptiles

engage in child molestation and Satanism. He is the author of 15 books explaining his views.

After a five-hour speech to students, he received a standing ovation at the University of

Toronto in 1999.

Bawden: the self-elected Pope Michael I, from Kansas

David Allen Bawden (born 1959), is an American citizen who was elected “Pope Michael I” by a

group of six Conclavist or post-Sedevacantist Catholics, arguing that the elections of the

last 6 popes were invalid because they are all modernists.

Sedevacantists argue that if the College of Cardinals will not or cannot elect a valid pope,

ordinary Catholics can do so, under the principle of “Epikeia” (Equity). Acting on the basis

of this, David Bawden was elected Pope by six people on 1990 (including himself and his

parents). He is still on the job to this day.

Nakamatsu: photographed and analyzed every meal for 34 years

Yoshiro Nakamatsu (born June 26, 1928), a.k.a. Dr. NakaMats, is the Japanese inventor claiming

to hold the world record for number of inventions with over 3,000, including the floppy disk

and “PyonPyon” spring shoes. He has being photographing and retrospectively analyzing every

meal he has consumed during a period of 34 years (and counting). The goal of Nakamatsu is to

live over 140 years old.

Lotito: mister eat-it-all

Michel Lotito (born June 15, 1950) is a French entertainer. Lotito, who was born in Grenoble,

is famous as the consumer of undigestables, and is known as Monsieur Mangetout (Mister

Eat-it-all). Lotito’s performances are the consumption of metal, glass, rubber and so on in

items such as bicycles, televisions, a Cessna 150, and smaller items which are disassembled,

cut-up and swallowed. The aircraft took roughly two years to be ‘eaten’ from 1978 to 1980. He

began eating unusual material while a child and has been performing publicly since 1966.

Lotito does not often suffer from ill-effects due to his diet, even after the consumption of

materials usually considered poisonous. When performing he consumes around a kilogram of

material daily, preceding it with mineral oil and drinking considerable quantities of water

during the ‘meal’. He apparently possesses a stomach and intestine with walls of twice the

expected thickness, and his digestive acids are, allegedly, unusually powerful, allowing him

to digest a certain portion of his metallic meals.


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