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10 Reasons to Visit the Black Sea

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As a body of water, the Black Sea is without question, one of the most vital, historic, precious and beautiful in the world. With one foot in Europe, Asia Minor and the often mysterious Caucasus, the inland sea spans a plethora of cultures and offers intrepid visitors much to explore.

The Black Sea’s delicate biodiversity and preponderance of idyllic resort destinations has firmly put it on the trend radar of travel aficionados in recent years. Typical resorts on the Black Sea have a clandestine gem quality that many comparable vacation haunts on the Costa del Sol or Côte d’Azur lack. Of course, this has so much to do with mainstream attention in the West, or a rather explicit lack thereof. This could all change however, if more and more people discover these ten reasons to visit the Black Sea.


With a population of over 400,000, the city of Trabzon is atypical from many of the more diminutive resorts on the Black Sea coast of Turkey. From the Hagia Sophia to Trabzon Castle, the city has some wonderful points of interest to explore.

Hagia Sophia in Trabzon


A coastal city in Georgia with over 120,000 people, the Black Sea jewel of Batumi is splendid. With a dynamic port and a history of citrus and tea cultivation, the city is rife with charm.

Batumi, Georgia


A significant port city in Crimea, Ukraine, Sevastopol has a population of close to 350,000 and serves as a major hub in the country. The city is also a very popular seaside resort destination in the summer months.

Ruins outside of Sevastopol


One of the most attractive Black Sea resorts, Burgas has over 210,000 people and provides Bulgaria with a notable destination. Outside of the capital of Sofia, the city is one of the most important commercial, economic and cultural hubs in the country.

Sundown over Burgas


While Romania’s stretch of Black Sea coast is small in comparison to Turkey for example, the country has some of the best scenery. Pristine Black Sea views make Mangalia one of the desirable destinations on the coast, with a wide array of resorts to choose. From Cap Aurora to Saturn, Jupiter and Venus, Mangalia’s Black Sea escapes are out of this world.

Black Sea coast of Mangalia


Familiar to history students as the momentous home of a famous conference between Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin in 1945, Yalta is also a gorgeous city in Crimea, Ukraine. The chief holiday resort for the wealthy elite of Imperial Russia and the Soviet Union, Yalta has a rich history and a population in excess of 80,000 people. To vacation here on the Black Sea is to walk in the footsteps of Chekhov and Tolstoy, among other famous names.

Yalta on the Black Sea


The most historic city in Romania, Constanta has a metro population of 500,000, all of whom live in close confines to the gorgeous Black Sea coast. The city has a ton of attractions to take in, from the Art Nouveau Casino to the Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral, Carol I Mosque and ancient network of Roman ruins. Beach resorts, shops, restaurants and even vineyards, make Constanta a peerless stop on any tour of the Black Sea.

Constanta harbor on the Black Sea


The most noteworthy city in Black Sea Bulgaria, Varna is a lively resort town with over 400,000 people. The popular and cosmopolitan tourist destination lures scores of visitors every year with superlative landmarks and monuments, period architecture, good restaurants and entertainment and of course, a beautiful span of seaside coast to enjoy.

Orthodox cathedral in Varna


A vital seaport city in Ukraine with more than 1 million people, Odessa was a major hub in Imperial Russia and as such, has a lot of history and heritage on display.

Beach in Odessa, Ukraine


A city that needs no introduction on the Black Sea coast is of course, Istanbul. The complete, world city on the Bosphorus Strait, with just about every kind of attraction and point of interest imaginable, will be the European Capital of Culture in 2010. Famous landmarks like the Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace and Hagia Sophia provide the eye candy in Istanbul and serve as springboards to the city’s treasure trove of charms.

Mouth of the Black Sea from Istanbul



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