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10 Toys That Will Send You to Hell

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If you ever buy these toys for a child then you’re going straight to hell! Don’t burn down my house – I don’t like or endorse these evil toys – I’m just sharing the horror…
1. Pig Toy


In the UK, council workers where told to remove all “ll pig-related items, including toys, porcelain figures, calendars and even a tissue box featuring Winnie the Pooh and Piglet.”

2. Muhammad Minifig


After the uproar of the Danish Muhammad cartoon, this image surfaced on the Internet. It was highly offensive to Muslims.

3. Mustafa Shag


The high street retailer Ann Summers released this “sex toy” last year. As  The prophet Muhammad also has the title “al-Mustafa” this was seen as highly offensive to the Muslim community.

4. Muhammad teddy bear


After Gillian Gibbons named the class teddy bear “Muhammad” she came close to receiving 40 lashes for offending the prophet. The offense caused meant Gillian had to spend 15 days in a Sudanese jail.

5. Jew Mask


It’s obvious why this  mask from a 1929 American toy catalog is highly offensive to Jewish people.

6. Jesus Christ


Christians where annoyed when 4,000 of these toys where rejected by the Toys for Tots charity program as the charity thought the toys might offend Jewish or Muslim children. It seems that sometimes beggars can be choosers!

7. The Jewish Nickle


I don’t imagine your local Rabbi taken too kindly to you paying your way with a couple of these Jewish Nickles.

8. Furby Bomb


This toy was found by the Israeli defense force in a bomb factory in Nablus.



With the recent terrorist use of these bulldozers this toy is even more offensive than when it was first created.

10. Barbie Doll


The Muslim Saudi government have banned the Barbie doll for the last 10 years.

A spokesperson said “Jewish Barbie dolls, with their revealing clothes and shameful postures, accessories and tools are a symbol of decadence to the perverted West. Let us beware of her dangers and be careful,”



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