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11 Unforgettable Movie Cars

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Some of the movies and television shows were memorable while other weren’t, but what they all shared was at least one unforgettable vehicle that left viewers talking!

The Interceptor – Mad Max

The car started life as a standard 1973 XB GT Ford Falcon Coupe, a car exclusive to Australia. And for the first few years of its life, this is pretty much how it stayed.
Then in 1976, film makers Byron Kennedy and George Miller began pre-production on Mad Max. They needed a vehicle to feature in the film as the black police ‘Interceptor’ – a high performance, evil looking Australian car.

Grandpa Munster’s Dragula Car – The Munsters

Grandpa Munster, patriarch of TV’s Munster clan, was not your ordinary grandfather, and neither was his ride.The original car is hanging in Planet Hollywood in Atlantic City. Built by Barris Kustom Cars, this dragster goes from 0 to over 180 mph in a matter of seconds with a parachute for brakes.An ornate Owens-Corning Fiberglass casket, trimmed in royal purple velvet silk and embodying a very lively 350 H.P. Ford Mustang engine with a 12 volt Autolite electrical system.
The exterior of the casket, which rests on a tube chassis has a quiet antique gold finish with sedate Italian gold leaf.Yes, you could definitely say that this one-of-a-kind coffin was “to die for!”

A-Team 1983 GMC G-Series (G-15) – A-Team

The A-Team television show ran from 1983-87 on the NBC network. The plot revolved around a group of ex-US Special Forces personnel who were on the run from the US Army relating to a “misunderstanding” from the Vietnam War. The group operated as merceneires in the western United States, helping out those who were down and out. The A-Team comprised of “Hannibal” Smith (George Peppard), Templeton “Faceman” Peck (Dirk Benedict), H.M. Murdock (Dwight Schultz), B.A. Baracus (Mr. T) and B.A.’s black 1983 GMC van.
The A-Team GMC van belonged to master mechanic B.A. Barachus and was their official mode of transportation. The van went went through numerous accidents, gun battles, insane jumps, was stripped apart and abused in just about every imaginable way – only to be put back together by B.A. The gun storage case contained Ruger AC556 fully automatic rifle, with folding stock and flash hider firing 5.56x45mm NATO rounds.

Striped Tomato – Starsky and Hutch

Starsky and Hutch (usually written as Starsky & Hutch) is a 1970s American television series that consisted of 92 episodes of 60 minutes and a single-90 minute pilot.Created by William Blinn, produced by Spelling-Goldberg Productions, and broadcast between April 30, 1975 and May 15, 1979 on the ABC network;
The protagonists were two Southern California policemen: the dark-haired Brooklyn transplant David Starsky (Paul Michael Glaser) who was a streetwise detective with intense, sometimes childlike moods, and the blond Duluth, Minnesota native Kenneth ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson (David Soul), a more reserved and intellectual character; Under the radio call sign “Zebra Three”, they were known for tearing around the streets of “Bay City” in Starsky’s two-door 1976 Ford Gran Torino, which was red with a large white vector stripe. It was nicknamed the “Striped Tomato” by Hutch in the episode Kill Huggy Bear; the nickname was subsequently adopted by the fans of the series. However, the term didn’t come from the writers – it came from a real-life comment that Glaser made. When he was first shown the Torino by Aaron Spelling, Glaser sarcastically said, “That thing looks like a striped tomato!” Hutch also had a car, a beaten-up 1973 Ford Galaxie 500, which occasionally appeared when the duo needed separate vehicles, or for undercover work

Herbie – The Love Bug

Herbie (born 1963 in Wolfsburg, Germany) is a fictional character, an anthropomorphic Volkswagen Beetle, which is featured in several Disney motion pictures starting with the 1968 film, The Love Bug. The car has a mind of its own and is capable of driving itself, and is a serious contender in auto racing competitions. Herbie is distinguished by red, white and blue racing stripes from front to back bumper and a racing-style number “53″ on the front hood, doors, and engine lid.
Herbie is a L87 pearl white 1963 Model 117 Volkswagen Type 1 Deluxe Sunroof with yellow-on-black California license plates OFP 857. For the action clips, Herbie is fitted with a Porsche 356 engine.
The car is given its name by an enlightened mechanic named Tennessee Steinmetz (Buddy Hackett) in The Love Bug after his uncle “Herb”, who was a middleweight boxer. His uncle had a perpetually broken nose which resembled the front of a Volkswagen Beetle.
The “53″ logo was possibly chosen because it was Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Don Drysdale’s uniform number. (This was mentioned by a member of the original film’s production staff in a Volkswagen enthusiast magazine article circa 2001.)

De Lorean time machine – Back to the Future trilogy

Marty: Wait a minute, wait a minute, Doc, are you telling me that you built a time machine… out of a DeLorean?
Doc: The way I see it, if you’re gonna build a time machine into a car why not do it with some style?

In the Back to the Future trilogy, the DeLorean time machine was the fictional time travelling vehicle used by “Doc” Emmett Brown (Christopher Lloyd) and Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) to travel through the history of their hometown of Hill Valley, a fictional city located in Northern California. In the trilogy, the time machine was built by Doc from a regular DeLorean DMC-12 automobile which used various sources including plutonium and biofuels to generate the needed 1.21 gigawatts to power the critical component, the flux capacitor.
The operation of the DeLorean time machine was consistent throughout all three movies. The operator sat inside the DeLorean and turned on the time circuits, activating a LED display which showed the destination, present, and last-departed dates and times. After entering a target date, the operator accelerated the car to 88 miles per hour (142 km/h) which activated the flux capacitor (see below). The car vanishes in a flash of blue light, leaving twin trails of fire; observers outside the vehicle see it explode and disappear, while occupants see a quick flash of light and instantaneously arrive at the target date in the same geographical location as when it departed. Upon arriving at the destination, the DeLorean is extremely cold, with ice covering much of the exterior.
In an episode of Johnny Bravo, Johnny was tricked into believing he had been sent back into the 1980s and requested someone to ‘drive 88 miles per hour so I can get back to my own time!’, not at all realizing he needed a flux capacitor to do so.

The Ectomobil – Ghostbusters

Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!
Ghostbusters is a science-fantasy comedy film franchise created in 1984. The two films center around a group of eccentric New York City parapsychologists who investigate and capture ghosts for a living. The first film was simply titled Ghostbusters, and was released on June 8, 1984 by Columbia Pictures. The film became a pop culture phenomenon, leading to a sequel, three animated television shows, a novel, a comic series, various video games, a large number of action figures, a theme park attraction, and other merchandise.
The Ectomobile is a 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor limo-style endloader combination car (hearse) used in the 1984 film Ghostbusters and other Ghostbusters fiction.
Throughout other Ghostbusters fiction, a number of other Ectomobiles were introduced (Ecto-1a,Ecto-2,Ecto-3,Ecto-Bomber,Ecto-Ich).Currently an Ecto-1 replica is held for sale at about $150,000.
The Ectomobile is never named on-screen. The word “Ectomobile” was only used in the song “Cleaning Up The Town” from the film’s soundtrack. Originally the filmmakers planned to have the Ecto-1 be painted black. The color of the vehicle was later changed to white when it was decided a black car would be too difficult to see during night scenes. The Ectomobile was originally going to be a much more high tech vehicle, with an almost artificial intelligence. Three cars have played the vehicle in the movies

Bumblebee – Transformers

Transformers is a 2007 live action film adaptation of the Transformers, an
American/Japanese animated television series depicting a war between giant
robots who could transform into vehicles, animals, and other objects . The film stars Shia LaBeouf as Sam Witwicky, a teenager involved in a war between the heroic Autobots and the evil Decepticons, two factions of alien robots who can disguise themselves by transforming into everyday machinery. The Decepticons desire control of the All Spark, the object that created their robotic race, with the intention of using it to build an army by giving life to the machines of Earth. Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson, Jon Voight and John Turturro also star, while Peter Cullen and Hugo Weaving provide the voices of Optimus Prime and Megatron respectively. The film was directed by Michael Bay and written by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman.
Bumblebee,(known as Bumble in Japan, Moscardo in Portugal, Űrdong√≥ in Hungarian) originally a worn-out 1969 Camaro, producers settled on a 1976 model.
It is painted yellow with black stripes, primer and rust patches, riveted hood
scoop, Cragar SS wheels up front, Eric Vaughn Real Wheels in the back,
marine-grade vinyl seats, and even an eight-track player. Bay rejected the character’s 1980s form of the Volkswagen Beetle, as it reminded him of Herbie the Love Bug. Hasbro did not mind as long as the car remained yellow. In reference to his original form, the Beetle is parked next to Bumblebee when Sam is buying him. The modern Camaro was chosen for its friendly appearance,while the old model was chosen to show that Sam’s father could only buy him the cheapest car he could find. In the film, Bumblebee upgrades because Mikaela calls his choice of form a “piece of crap”.

The General Lee – The Dukes of Hazzard

The General Lee is the automobile driven by the Duke cousins Bo and Luke in the television series and was rented to them by Andrew Lane for filming. The Dukes of Hazzard. It is known for the chases and stunts, especially high jumps, in almost every episode, and for having the doors welded up, leaving the Dukes to climb in and out through the windows. The car appears in all but one episode of the series (the third broadcast, Mary Kaye’s Baby). The car’s name is a reference to the Confederate General Robert E. Lee, and indeed the vehicle embodies the Southern United States, bearing as it does a Confederate flag on its roof and a horn which plays a bar from the song “Dixie”.
The idea for the General Lee was developed from the famous bootlegger Jerry Rushing’s car, which was named for General Lee’s favorite horse, Traveler. Traveler was also the name of the car in Moonrunners, the 1975 movie precursor to The Dukes of Hazzard.

Batmobile – Batman

The Batmobile is the fictional personal automobile of comic book superhero Batman. The car has followed the evolution of the character from comic books to television to films.
The standard features of the vehicle include a chassis with heavy armor plating and a high performance engine, sometimes with rocket boosts for increased speed, special devices to improve maneuverability, and mounted weapons to disable vehicles and remove obstacles. In addition, the vehicle typically carries a computer that is remotely linked to the Batcave’s main computer, a remote control function, a field forensic kit and a personal small helicopter held in the trunk called a whirlybat.
The vehicle has changed frequently over the decades. In the early stages of Batman’s career, he modified a sedan, with armor, technologically advanced automotive customization, and has turned the Batmobile into the sleek street machine he currently drives.
The Batmobile is also frequently referred to as being powered by nuclear generation of electricity, both by Robin in a launch checklist from the 1966 television show (“Atomic batteries to power. Turbines to speed!”), and by The Penguin in Batman Returns, where one of his schemes to kill Batman is to turn the Batmobile into “a H-bomb on wheels.”
The vehicle that became the Batmobile was introduced in Detective Comics issue #27, the first Batman story, and received its name in Detective Comics issue #48. Originally, the vehicle was a simple red automobile with nothing special in its functions. The car’s design gradually evolved. It became a “specially built high-powered auto” by Detective #30, and in Batman #5 it began featuring an ever-larger bat hood ornament and an ever-darker paint job.
Eventually, the predominant designs included a large, dark-colored body and bat-like accessories, including large tailfins scalloped to resemble a bat’s wings.

Aston Martin DB5 – James Bond

Throughout the James Bond series of films and novels Q Branch has given Bond a wide variety of vehicles with which to battle his enemies. Among the most noteworthy gadgets Bond has been equipped with have been various vehicles that have numerous modifications to include weapons systems, anti-pursuit systems, alternate transportation modes, and various other functions.
The 1963 Aston Martin DB5 was an improved DB4. The DB5 is famous for being the first and most recognised James Bond car. It has been featured in several films, most notably Goldfinger, Thunderball, GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, and Casino Royale.
The car used in the film was the original DB5 prototype, with another standard car used for stunts. Two more modified cars were built for publicity tours after the film’s release. In January 2006, one of those cars was auctioned in Arizona for US$2,090,000. The same car was originally bought in 1970 for ¬£5,000 from the owner, Sir Anthony Bamford, by a Tennessee museum owner.The other car is located in the Netherlands in the Louwman Collection Museum.




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