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15 Best OMG Painted ThingsFW: These Pics!

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More and more, we aren’t recognizing artists for what they’re painting — we’re freaking out about what artists are painting on. A framed masterpiece is nice, but a grizzly bear you painted on a turkey feather is sweet. To further accentuate the distinction between a traditional canvas and a ZOMG evoking stand-in, we’ve curated an exhibit of sorts of our 15 Favorite Painted Things. Hands, teeth, coffins and guns, television sets etc. — prepare the FW e-mail, you guys.Painted Cats

Geniuses Responsible – Burton Silver and Heather Busch, authors of Why Paint Cats: The Ethics of Feline Aesthetics
Boo Cuz – Says one book critic, “I thought the pictures were hideous … Cats with their natural colours are beautiful in themselves.”
Cheer Cuz – Purple cats + all the other colors in the rainbow x America = awesome? (And yes, some are obviously Photoshopped.)

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