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20 Hottest Women of the Web

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It’s the Internet era and there were never this many cyber hotties as today…
E! entertainment made this list of absolutely sexiest Internet girls so appropriately called ‘Byte Me’.Enjoy the 20 hot girl selection…

1. Obama GirlSo, the number one hottie on the web so far is the girl who made politics sexy. It’s model Amber Lee Ettinger or Obama girl best known for her YouTube clip ‘I Got a Crush… on Obama’.Here’s Obama hottie in video

2. Playboy Cyber GirlsOkay, Playboy girls are always hot, but when they’re striping while talking to you brings a whole new dimension of hot…I don’t think I need to tell you anything more about cyber girls that you can not see on these photos…

3. Tila TequilaLove her or hate her you gotta hand it to this woman. She has built a relatively successful music and reality TV career just of the popularity of her MySpace page. The sexy petite bisexual is still in the public eye and shows no signs of slowing down.

4. Vida Guerra

Now there’s a butt who gave all the J.Lo’s and Kim Kardashians a run for their money.And her website hits, photo shoot and video requests prove that the world is ready for the next big ass- Vida Guerra.

5. Suicide GirlsSuicide Girls are a group of sexy girls for boys who are not satisfied with your typical Maxim or FHM hot girl. So, these girls are hardcore, goth, have tattoos and piercings. And yeah, they’re drop dead sexy.

6. Maxim Hometown Hotties

e_22750_l1.jpg”>So, basically girls who think they are hot send their pics to Maxim site and if they get voted, they get all made up and oiled up to pose for a super sexy Maxim photo shoot. And they’re just as hot as your regular Maxim girls…

7. Christine Dolce (ForBiddeN Girl)ForBiddeN Girl or Christine Dolce was named ‘The Queen Of MySpace’ after she got her first million friends. Her Internet fame helped out her career a lot and landed her in all the hot men’s magazines and a world wide released 69 Eyes album ‘Angels’.

8. Dita Von Teese
Most of the people don’t know that before she became a burlesque stripping phenomenon Dita ran a very successful web site which is active since 1992.Since then Dita’s career has blossomed her burlesque life style had an immense influence on the modern culture.

9. Olivia MunnOlivia Munn became a YouTube star after her sexy performances as Princes Lea, Wonder Woman and just about anything she played on her ‘Attack Of The Show’. Now she’s a super sexy cover girl and an aspiring actress.

10. Melyssa FordMelyssa Ford is a Canadian girl who got cast in more than a dozen music videos and is referred to a real life version of Disney’s sex symbol Jessica Rabbit.

11. Trashy Lingerie GirlsTrashy Lingerie is probably the sexiest brand ever!
And the girls who model them are incredibly hot (need we mention that Dita Von Teese models it as well?!)

12. Somaya ReeceSomaya Reece is the most successful Latina on MySpace ever, and has used her new web fame and insanely curvy body to launch her music and acting careers.

13. Candice MichelleCandice Michelle was made famous by where her boobs made voting damn sexy!After that series of photo shoots came and the sexy diva got signed to WWE wrestling entertainment.

14. The Olly Girls- Holly and MollyThey’re simply known as the Olly girls and holly molly they’re hot (excuse me, I couldn’t resist the pun).They are stars of the reality show ‘Sunset Ten’ and stars of the Internet with photos like these.

15. Layla KayleighLayla Kayleigh is an internet sensation who’s exotic looks helped her land plenty jobs on television, and for our pleasure, plenty of sexy photo shoots of this amazingly busty British chick.

16. Jennifer Nicole LeeA while ago Jennifer Nicole Lee was a 70 pound overweight housewife with a decision to transform herself into this super hot fitness goddess. Since then she became Miss fitness for 2004, an inspiration for women and a drool worthy material for men. Not to mention one of the sexiest moms in the world!

17. Lara CroftWe’re actually lucky that Lara is a virtual character, because that kind of a lady would kick your ass and charm you in a deadly combination. And being portrayed by Angelina Jolie only pumps her credit.

18. Girls of the Lingerie Bowl
Q43n1Gs/SMjDBFYZ3LI/AAAAAAAASSU/1totMT61hO0/s1600-h/001LingerieBowl.jpg”>Who ever came up with the concept of super hot chicks playing football and rolling around on that field should be worshiped (but at least he’s a millionaire by now). Today there are several leagues of these insanely sexy lingerie players and their show is a part of Super Bowl Sunday festivities.

19. Jenn StergerJennifer Sterger is the FCU cowgirl and photos like these bikini shots above made her Facebook a huge hit. She shortly became a true star posing even for Maxim and Playboy.

20. Cindy MargolisCindy Margolis is The original internet star. This blonde bombshell is a Guinness Book Of Records holder for the most downloaded internet girl.



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