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Awesomely Bad Album Covers

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“You vil take de rose… Or you vil die!”You’re welcome.I know it’s not nice to make fun of people who are blind.Mr. T says: “I pity the foo’ that covets his neighbor!”Is that one big dress with three neck-holes and six sleeves?“Momma says if I don’t say my prayers she will burn me with her cigarette.”“Hey here is an idea for the cover that won’t look gay…”His music really gets you hooked.I wonder if her hair is filled with something delcious?I’ll take your word for it…I wan’t to touch his hair so badly.Man? Woman? Manan? Chick? Dude? Chude?I used to watch his TV show. Seems creepy now.“This is our Momma, our girlfriend, and our sister.”Why does he have an axe?If I let you borrow a feeling, you will give it back covered in your VD germs. So no, you cannot borrow a feeling. Seriously, what a “Chester the Molester.”Oh my.Is “Zap” like the clap?Ok, I realize he was burned, and that’s sad. But on the cover?Mr. McFreely?Garf.Featuring: “Chew on My Milkbone” and “Can I Sniff Your Butt.”Surprisingly, none of them had prom dates.“That’s our brother Dave. We don’t like him because he ate our sister Susan.”Oh, please no.Leave a comment with your song ideas for the album “Songs for Gay Dogs.”



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