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Biggest TV game shows idiots

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“I can’t believe they’re that dumb” – this would be the shortest describe of this article. 


Incredibly stupid girl on Family FeudParis is not in France?? Paris is country?? Unbeliveble.

Wheel of Fortune idiotSome people don’t know when to say “when.”

Deal or No Deal loserLook, if I said to you, I will either give you $600,000 right now, or you could get a million dollars if this coin lands on heads, or zero if it’s tails, what would you do? This guy fails at not only probability, but life.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire – failed at 1st question

The Price is RightDAMN those are some SWEET motorcycles!

The Newlywed GamePeople were also dumb in the ’70s. Must have been the drugs. vs. 100 loser

JeopardyThis is not so stupid anwser, but its really funny and awsome anwser by Ken Jennings in Jeopardy show.

 source: HERE



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