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Black Bears and Dogs Can Get Along Sometimes

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In a perfect world, Pawlee the feisty cockapoo and the three black bears he scared away could co-exist together peacefully. If only those black bears had had the sense of decorum to call or even knock before dropping by Pawlee’s backyard uninvited. Where they manners at? Bet Sybil Lynn, a domestic black bear born in captivity, could show them a thing or two. She’s got a website where her adopted parents confide that, at first, they didn’t know if it was possible to teach her the common courtesies of polite society, but

… The more time we spent with Sybil, and the older she got, the better she got … We currently have a variety of other animals, Sybil got along great with all the other animals. She played with all the dogs. She was very gentle with the dogs and they are gentle with her …

She played with ALL THE DOGS. Hear that Pawlee? Don’t let one nerve-wracking encounter with a couple of coarse hooligans turn you off to black bears as a whole, especially when Sybil makes it a point to be so liberal with her doggy love. Just look below! As a bear cub, she often slept curled up with JJ, a coon hound.

link:// Sybil’s Den

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