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Fashionable coiffures of birds

funny-birds-coiffures-pictures (1)

Photographer Rene Mesman and Souverein amusingly change the feather of wild birds like owl, crow and eagle into stylish hairstyles.

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Funny photo manipulations – World Cup Dogs

funny-world-cup-themed-dog-pictures (2)

The 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil themed series of photo shows funny dogs wearing uniforms of their own national football team, the project named World Cup Dogs was created by Life on White.   Source

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Funny animal selfies


Funny advertising campaign designed for National Geographic and Diomedia shows animals are taking selfie photos through mirrors at different scenes, bathroom, elevator,  bedroom, etc., and then share self-portraits on social networks.      

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Perhaps a most patient dog ever – Menswear Dog

funny amazing cute dog in men clothing

Bodhi, a 3 year old Shiba Inu dog from New York, likes to dress up in fashionable clothing to take pictures. Bodhi runs a personal blog as well, for latest fashion trends, you can follow “mensweardog” on instagram. Source

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Close-up photos of animals

amazing beautiful animal eyes close up photography (8)

Amazing close-up photos of various eyes taken by photographer Suren Manvelyan that show beautiful detail hidden in each animal. Horse’s eyes Eyes of Husky Dog Black Rabbit Albino Python Caiman Hyena Iguana Tiger Python Crocodile Source

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5000 ducks waddling along the road

funny interesting ducks on road pictures (4)

The breeder said he had driven these ducks for more than six months to look for food, no one got lost.     

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Photos of angry cat

amusing interesting funny pictures of cat (10)

Bugger off and leave me alone! What a little torment that human is!   Source

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Really cute small monkey

cute lovely interesting funny monkey pictures (1)

A little monkey only as high as a cup wearing a hoodie was squatting on the table with a straw to drink Coke.   It’s said that this pocket-sized monkey is in fact a ‘girl’, currently only two months. The owner took pictures of it.

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The world’s fattest cat weighing nearly 15 kg

funny interesting cute obesity super fat cat

May 24, New York, USA, the weight of this 9-year-old cat named Spongebob has reached 14.9 kg, roughly the same weight as an adult Labrador or a four-year-old child. Spongebob’s waistline is 0.69 meters; it’s even difficult to walk because of its great size. Currently, it has been sent to animal shelters and is undergoing […]

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Un-freaking-believable funny baby monkeys

The monkey climbed up the tree, then he scratched his butt, can you guess what happen? Youtube Video

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A slideshow of funny monkey pictures

slideshow of funny monkey pictures funy monkey

A slideshow of funny monkey picture, a lot of pics of funny monkeys. such as cartoon funny monkeys, funny baby monkeys and so on .. wish you like ~

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