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Wooden Volkswagen Beetle By 71-year-old Artist


The Wooden car was converted from a Volkswagen Beetle by 71-year-old Bosnian artist Momir Bojic with 50,000 pieces of miniature oak wood tiles, who also made a wooden hat to match for the Wooden Volkswagen Beetle. Video  

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The world’s most eco-friendly Ferrari sports car

pedal human powered design ferrari sports car (6)

Or the world’s most expensive bicycle – £1.2 million. This pedal powered "Fahrradi Farfalla FFX" is equipped with 4 bicycle wheels with custom rims, 11 speed gearbox, and ultra-bright LED lighting system. Designer: Austrian artist Hannes Langeder

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Perhaps the world’s biggest motorcycle

cool amazing giant big huge motorcycle

This huge motorcycle weights about 5 tons and you can go for a motorcycle ride.

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Amazing truck which has 252 wheels

awesome wow surprising cool amazing vehicle truck (1)

June 6, Jilin City, China. The head of this vehicle has 12 wheels and the body 240 wheels, 252 wheels in all, nearly 90 meters in length. It carries cargo height 5.39 m, 29.08 meters in length. The crew is more than 40 and the entire fleet of about 20 vehicles, including cranes, flatbed truck, […]

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