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Realistic 3D Optical Illusion Art By Ivan Hoo

Realistic-3D-art-Optical-Illusion-pencil-Drawings (6)

Singapore based artist Ivan Hoo chose wood as canvas, using colored pencils and pastels, to create amazing optical illusion drawings that absolutely trick our eyes, the young artist’s realistic 3D drawings include spilled coffee, crumpled paper, cling wrapping, broken eggs, portraits, cute dogs and cats, etc. “I started to think of ideas and draw things […]

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Unique Money Artworks

banknotes-bills-money-artworks (1)

Artist Mark Wagner created unique currency portraits like President Lincoln, Obama, Mona Lisa, Breaking Bad, etc, which are all made out of real U.S. dollar, the money artworks look really impressive, but there’s a problem, is it illegal?   Source

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Unique glass sculptures by self-taught artist

unique-glass-sculptures (16)

Unique glass sculptures by Sydney-based sculptor Ben Young are all hand drawn, hand cut and handcrafted, the self-taught artist has been making glass sculpture for over 10 years, without any high-tech equipments, who created each artwork with ‘a lot of work’, ‘I do a lot of thinking before I even start to draw or cut,’ […]

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Large-scale sand art installation in the Sahara desert


This isn’t an extraterrestrial intelligence’s base, but an art installation created by D.A.ST. art team (Danae Stratou, Alexandra Stratou, Stella Constantinides) in the Sahara desert near the Red Sea in El Gouna, Egypt. The team began to construct the spiral art installation named “Desert Breath” in June 1995 and spent 2 years to complete this […]

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The body painting of the Football World Cup – World Cup Selfie


Emma Allen, a London based female artist, painted herself into gold trophy to celebrate the 2014 World Cup tournament in Brazil. Source

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A female model painted alike a vivid parrot

beautiful-Body-painting-art-pattor (3)

Stunning body art by Johannes Stötter, an Italian artist, musician and body painter, represented the body of a female model as canvas that was exquisitely painted colors and positioned to resemble a beautiful parrot. Most of the talented artist’s works focus on spiritual and nature-related themes.   Source

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Wonderful 3D optical illusion on paper


Dutch artist Ramon Bruin created amazing three-dimensional pencil drawings with just pencils on multiple sheets of common white paper that look really impressive from a specific angle. Source

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Eye-catching make-up and face-painting character designs by self-taught makeup artist


Eye-catching make-up and face-painting works by Elsa Rhae Pageler, a video editor & producer, Photoshop expert and make-up artist, transform herself into fictional characters from TV series or video games, who has been doing make-up and face-painting for less than a year and studied these subjects on her own through a YouTube degree. “I think […]

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Upside down photography – The photographer must have a strong head

weird art form cool odd photography (1)

These odd but creative photos aren’t edited by Photoshop, which are taken by Caulton Morris, a London based artist and photographer, who balances on head and captures these unique self portraits in real lift. Source

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Book sculptures look like frozen waterfalls

amazing cool unusual impressive book sculptures (4)

The sculptures made out of thousands of recycled books are created by Spanish artist Alicia Martin. These unusually eye-catching book sculptures look like frozen waterfalls that numerous books fall out of window and spill onto the street.   Source

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Amazing 3D origami art

cool amazing 3d origami paper sculptures art (5)

These beautiful three-dimensional paper sculptures were created by Japanese artist Jun Mitani, each of which was firstly designed on computer and then folded out of a single uncut sheet of paper. Jun Mitani isn’t only an origami artist, but also a computer teacher at the University of Tsukuba. Source

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