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Beautiful kitchen aquarium

modern-kitchen-design-aquarium (1)

Interior designer Robert Kolenik created a beautiful large aquarium under the kitchen top. The oversized L-shaped aquarium equipped with hidden space for storage and equipment is designed for luxury kitchen or lounge, you can just press a button and lift it to feed the fish. This modern aquarium is available in a limited edition and […]

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Adorable animal bags

funny-cute-animal-bags-design (5)

These eye-catching and adorable animal bags are designed by Ben, who prints realistic faces of cute animals like cats, dogs, owls on both sides of bags, and they all have two big ears in common. Source

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Amazing Groot Costume

Halloween-costume-creature-Groot (1)

The Groot Costume by Calen Hoffman is a great idea for Halloween, which is made out of pipe insulation foam and texture is kleenex soaked in glue / water and painted with spray cans / acrylics, all cost is less than $100. Groot is a tree-like creature from Planet X in Marvel’s Guardians of the […]

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Amazing storage cabinet with distortion effect


This isn’t a distorted image that is manipulated by photoshop, the unique storage cabinet with distortion effect was designed by Italian architect Ferruccio Laviani, which was carved out of wood and can be a creative storage unit in your home. Source

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The Isolator Helmet Designed In 1925


The cover of “Science and Invention” magazine in 1925 shows us an unusual isolator helmet designed by Hugo Gernsback, which can blocks out distractions like noise and help people keep the brain occupied, as well as the oxygen it supplies allows people to focus on works with rapt attention.  

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Funny sushi luggage for sushi lovers

creative-eye-catching-luggage-bag-design-sushi-suitcase (1)

By printing realistic images of shrimp, tuna, salmon sushi on suitcases’ cover, which instantly turn into eye-catching sushi luggage, now you can bring delicious sushi on your trip.   Available here

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Anatomy One-piece Swimsuit

unusual-eye-catching-amazing-swimsuit-anatomy (2)

Australian company Black Milk Clothing designed an anatomy-themed one-piece swimsuit named Dem Guts that shows internal organs of a human body.     Source

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Skeleton suit inspired by X-Rays

creative-fitness-athlete-suit-design-xray-suit (1)

Beside the Muscle Suit, there’s another unusual X-Ray Suit designed by Tomek Pietek that is inspired by X-Rays of a human body, which is also designed for some kinds of athletes, like cyclists, runners, and general health and fitness.

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Human Teeth Shoes

bizarre-weird-shoes-design (1)

“Apex Predator” red shoes designed by Fantich and Young look a little bizarre, which are transformed from classic Mary Jane shoes and carefully inlaid with human dentures. Source

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Earth cooled beer

eco-friendly-design-beer-cooler (2)

The underground beer cooler by eCool is a typical eco-friendly design, easy to install and without using any electricity, which can keep 24 beer cans cool, user can transport beer cans by hand crank mechanism.       Source

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Giant birdsnest for resting, playing or working in

creative-fashionable-modern-furnitue-design-bird-nest (1)

This giant and eye-catching bed is designed by OGE Group that looks alike a bird’s nest, of which the wooden nest is filled with comfortable egg-shaped pillows. The modern and unique birdsnest is not only furniture, also a playground for your living room.   Source

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