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Amazing girl showing her stunt

cool impressive awesome surprised amazing girl stunt pictures (2)

Performance of difficult feats like acrobatics by these amazing girls, really impressive…  

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Stunning beautiful photos of “mermaid” dancing with whale

awesome cool wow stunning beautiful mermaid dance whale photos pictures (2)

Underwater dancer Hannah Fraser dressed as a mermaid was dancing with a whale. Australian girl Hannah Fraser since 3-year-old was fascinated with mermaid, now, she is a model and actress and performs with whales, dolphins and even sharks. These stunning photos taken in 2007 by photographer Ted Grambeau of which the purpose is to enhance […]

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Another new Barbie girl

crazy amazing girl real Barbie doll plastic surgery (11)

Really don’t understand why there are so many girls wanna become a Barbie doll. British "Daily Mail" reported on April 22, 21-year-old Russian girl Valeria Lukyanova has the figure of a Barbie doll alike by having plastic surgery; she posted her photos online and caused hot discussion.

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Living Barbie Doll – Exquisitely Beautiful American School Girl Kotakoti

amazing girl very hot beautiful pretty nice cosplay school girl resemble like Barbie dolls

Recently, a 16-year-old American school girl named Kotakoti is hot online because a set of photos which are the express images of Barbie dolls. It’s reported that the girl has a beautiful rosy face and delicate features, coupled with the slim figure, looks remarkably like Barbie doll in movie and known as the "living Barbie […]

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Guinness World Records – World’s shortest woman living

amazing amazed interesting Guinness World Records worlds shortest woman girl living (1)

18th birthday for every one of us is of special significance, because it means you are adults, but for the Indian girl Jyoti Amge this day is even more important, for today she has been officially certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s shortest women, official data only 0.6195 meters tall […]

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The most identical twins – amazing twin sisters

fun surprising incredible most similar alike identical twins amazing girls competition (10)

According to “Daily Mail” reported that a nationwide competition of the most identical twins held in London, Britain, the 18-year-olds Pearl and Ruby were deemed to be the winner in the 30 sets of twins. The amazing girls are so much alike that in daily life even their parents struggle to tell them apart, much […]

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The world’s biggest lips

bizarre weird odd surprising crazy shocking worlds most plump biggest lips mouth (2)

22-year-old Russian girl Kristina Rei believes she looks ugly and the crux was that her lips were too thin, so, since 17, she has made hundreds of silicone injection and is having the world’s most plump lips. Her idol is Jessica Rabbit in ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’. Not surprisingly, she has never had a boyfriend […]

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Funny Miss False Beard

amazing funny interesting fake false beard girls ladies (2)

Recently, the annual Miss False Beard was held in Pennsylvania, USA. The ladies wearing false beard were vividly playing various roles.  

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Most charming and beautiful eyes

nice Most attractive charming beautiful eyes beauty pretty beautiful woman girls

Anyone will have a profound impression which a pair of attractive eyes in the face of a beauty can bestow. Next Pages

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Female police in Russia

beautiful pretty russian girls female police woman beauty (1)

The armed forces of Russia do not reject women, including the Department of the Interior (министерство внутренних дел Российской Федерации), special forces and the army, navy and air force have a large number of female soldiers and police in service.

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Vietnam’s beautiful girls in white

stunning beautiful pretty nice hot girls Vietnam white aodai (1)

It’s traditional costume in Vietnam.

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