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Nautilus house

awesome beautiful fairy shell house home design

Fantastic Nautilus house designed by Mexican architect Javier Senosiain is located near Mexico City; this amazingly beautiful shell shaped house was commissioned by a young couple who wanted their children to grow up in a nature inspired home. Source

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Eco-friendly house in which one person could live comfortably

creative environmental eco-friendly house building design (1)

This compact house named the Cube at the University of Hertfordshire is designed by Dr Mike Page and his team, which can provide everything that one person might need with a minimum impact on the environment. Solar powered 27 cubic meters (3x3x3) house includes a lounge with a table and two chairs, a small double […]

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Turning a church into a residential house

amazing building architecture church house

Zecc Architects turned St. Jakobus church in the Netherlands into a modern house, which was already registered as a municipal monument for the historic significance it had. Source

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Transparent home

amazing cool transparent unusual glass concept house home (5)

Transparent glass house was designed by Carlo Santambrogio and Ennio Arosio to display modern glass furniture from Italian company Santambrogiomilano. Just a concept home, I am sure nobody will enjoy living in it. Source

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Amazing tree house

amazing unusual tree house design bird nest (2)

Designer Bertil Harstrom designed this giant nest-like tree house, the windows hidden in branches can hardly be seen. People access the house by means of a retractable staircase.   Source

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Unusual cave house

unusual awesome cool creative house design cave (2)

Ensamble Studio designed this unusual Truffle house in Laxe, Spain looked like a cave cut in the solid rock, the exterior of which was made from concrete and the interior volume was created out of stacks of hay.   Source Video

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House balancing on the edge of a hill

cool creative unusual house architecture design

cooIn Suffolk, England, there’s a cool house called “Balancing Barn” that is balanced on the edge of a hill. This 4 bedrooms house was designed by MVRDV and Mole Architects and comes with stainless steel exterior and plywood interior. Source:1,2 Video

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The world’s narrowest house

amazing weird surprising odd strange narrowest house building construction (7)

Perhaps this is the world’s narrowest house, 72 – 133cm, which is designed by Jakub Szczesny and will be made between two buildings in Warsaw, Poland. The house will have kitchen, bathroom, workstation and bedroom, all compact and small of course. Steel frame has been already assembled, it’s estimated that the whole building will be […]

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Cool students dormitory on campus of University of Copenhagen

awesome cool amazing building architecture design dorm

"Tietgenkollegiet" students dormitory is on campus of University of Copenhagen, Denmark, this unique building that won the RIBA International Awards was built from the design of Danish architects Lundgaard and Traneberg Arkitekter, and was completed in 2007.   Next Page

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Cool dormitory equipped with 30 meter rock climbing wall

awesome amazing cool unique building architecture design (2)

On the campus of Twente University in Enschede, Netherlands, a dormitory building that a 30 meter climbing wall features this cool building, on which there’re over 2500 hand and foot grips. This dorm is designed by Arons and Gelauff architects and has 87 student apartments.  

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Amazing picture of various buildings

amazing funny interesting cool impressive buildings structures

These amazing images of upside down buildings and bizarre structures are created by Spanish artist and photographer Victor Enrich, the background of each photo is the real world locations.

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