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Pass the Niagara Falls on the tightrope

cool wow amazing stunt high wire tightrope walking

June 15, American tightrope walker Nikolas "Nik" Wallenda successfully passed the Niagara Falls connecting the United States and Canada. Wallenda’s stunt would last for 2 years and had been approved by the government of the United States and Canada. The tightrope across the United States and Canada which Wallenda walked along was about 550 meters […]

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A British couple accumulated 30 tons of garbage in home

crazy weird odd bizarre amazed people (2)

A couple in London Borough of Brent kept up to 65 cats and the accumulation of garbage in home was from the ground to the roof. It’s estimated that the garbage weighs around 30 tons and, astonishingly, in which there’re three cat corpses. According to neighbors, the couple’s home was all over with cat feces […]

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Canoeing enthusiasts challenge waterfalls around the world

cool exciting awesome crazy extreme sports canoeing kayaking waterfall

South Africa’s Steve Fisher and New Zealand’s Ben Brown and Jarred Meehan are all canoeing/kayaking experts. So far, they have conquered many waterfalls around the world, such as 65 feet high Aldeyjarfoss waterfall and 40 feet high Godafoss Falls in Iceland, and 50 feet high Fleming Falls in Norway.

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The world’s oldest sister in England that the age by adding together is 213 years

amazing surprised oldest sister longevity long life world record (1)

The older sister, Dorothy Dorrie Richards, was born in 1903, the younger, Marjorie Ruddle Richards, 1907. The sum of their ages is up to 213 years three months and 27 days, breaking the previous world record. The two older sisters and their families were celebrating that special day.

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Free diving 125 meters deep into the ocean in one breath without an oxygen tank

wow awesome cool amazing people free diving world record (1)

William Trubridge, 31-year-old freediver from New Zealand, had successfully dived 125 meters below sea level near the Bahamas, who also became the world’s best freediver. William Trubridge learned to swim when he’s 18 months old, 8-year-old he can dive 15 meters, until the age of 22 he began to start professional training. He’s held the […]

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Amazing Photos – Life On The Edge

cool awesome crazy shocking surprising impressive amazing pictures images (1)

Dennis Maitland, a photographer from Detroit in the United States, before shooting "Life On The Edge", who is a acrophobe, however, after completing this series of works, he became a person who desires for height and adrenaline. With unique angle of looking down from the edge of different high buildings, Dennis Maitland shot these dizzy […]

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Close to the edge of the precipice to appreciate spectacular waterfall

brave crazy amazing people extreme sports canoeing Drift

Recently, a photographer was doing aerial shot by helicopter around the Victoria Falls in Africa, suddenly he found that there’re three bold canoeing enthusiasts were approaching the edge of the cliff, and then stopped at the top of bare rock, along the current of the waterfall appreciating the spectacular scene of the world’s largest waterfall […]

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Shark Whisperer

amazing cool awesome fearless brave crazy people Shark Whisperer (1)

According to British "Daily Mail" reported on April 19, at first glance, people would think this leaping shark in the picture was to swallow the man’s arm. In fact, it’s a pleased “dialogue” between the shark with length of 16 feet (about 4.88 m) in the South African coastal waters and Andre Hartman, a "Shark […]

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Various people on the subway

wtf odd bizarre crazy amazed weird people subway tube metro underground (16)

Did you ever see such weird people on the tube? Next Pages

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Oldest fashion model but still glamorous

oldest beautiful attractive nice beauty fashion model

British Daphne Selfe, a 83-year-old fashion model, who has been a fashion model from her youth, and now this granny model still has the indescribable thing that made up for fascination and beauty in her. Very beautiful in her youth.

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Guinness World Records – The World’s shortest man

amazing weird odd bizarre Guinness Book of World Records worlds shortest adult man dwarf

February 21, 2012, Nepal’s 72-year-old man, Chandra Bahadur Dangi, was meeting with the media. He stands 56 cm, weight 12 kg, and had been challenging the Guinness World Records as ‘the World’s shortest man.’ The Guinness Book of World Records recently recognized 60 cm tall Filipino Junrey to be the world’s shortest adult male. Via

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