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Beautiful photographs shooting 25 meters underwater in the middle of Bali

wonderful-amazing-underwater-photography-shipwreck-bali (5)

Breathtaking underwater photographs by Montreal-based photographer Benjamin Von Wong and his team of 2 models, 7 safety divers were created in the waters of Bali where they dived 25 meters to a 50 year old shipwreck, of course, these photos are real except post-production editing with the help of Photoshop.         Source

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Crystal insects

cool photography amazing beautiful close up insects photos (2)

These stunning beautiful close-up photos were taken by David Chambon, a French photographer, who captured amazing moments with a macro lens when water droplets were in the morning still clinging on the insects.   Source

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Teenage Stories

cool photography project teenage girls living in miniature world (10)

Amazing photo series named Teenage Stories by Julia Fullerton-Batten features girls living in miniature city. No image processing software was used in this unusual project. Source

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Unbelievable transporting on bicycles in China

only in china amazing incredible unbelievable transport bicycle photos (4)

French photographer Alain Delorme enhanced documentary images only in color and brightness with Photoshop to show us Chinese people in Shanghai transporting incredible piles of items on tricycles. Source

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Amazing space travel photography

International Space Station Slow Shutter Space Travel Photography images (7)

Nowadays few photographers may have the opportunity to take pictures of space travel. NASA astronaut Don Pettit in the International Space Station had captured amazing images with slow shutter space photography that show the lights of the world merging into solid trails.   Source

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Incredible Gravity Defying Photos by Artist Li Wei

Incredible unbelievable amazing cool awesome performance art Gravity Defying photos (16)

With the help of metal wires, rope, mirrors and acrobatics, Chinese performance artist Li Wei created incredible photos that people were in unbelievable condition of weightlessness alike. Finally, artist used Photoshop to remove the trails of rope and wires. Next Pages

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Interacting with the moon

cool awesome great creative amazing photography (2)

Cool inspiration by talented French photographer Laurent Laveder that series of amazing photos show people interacting with the moon. Though some images are forced, creative and impressive, enjoy it!  

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Cool photography – Gravity free

awesome eye-catching amazing cool photography gravity defying photo (1)

Using himself as model, French artist Philippe Ramette created these creative and impressive images that showing him in the poses of gravity free. These images weren’t edited by Photoshop or any other image processing software but were taken on location with the help of hidden supports. Next Pages

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Howling people

fun odd unusual interesting photography howling human (10)

Billy Hunt, an American photographer, whose works not only include documentary photography, but commercial photography and an interesting project that taking picture of howling people to show the real side of human emotions. Next Page

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Amazing photography with scanner

amazing weird odd strange creative cool photography (2)

Henry Hargreaves, a photographer from New Zealand, used scanner to create a set of jewelry photographs that the positions of model and jewelry had been carefully designed and for shooting the model was asked to be close to the scanner for 20-30 seconds.  

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Strange phenomenon in the night sky above Russia

strange amazing odd surprised spectacular phenomenon sky russia (6)

There’s an unusual phenomenon in the night sky above Astrakhan, Russia. People couldn’t explain what they saw; some believed that it’s caused by the thunderstorms, while others thought it was UFO. I prefer to believe that it’s the wake of a rocket or missile.

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