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Flat Water Bottles Alongside Laptop And Books In Your Bag


Reusable transparent water bottles named Memobottle shaped like a book that are available in three sizes – Letter, A4 and A5 so as to perfectly fit users’ bag or backpack alongside notebook and books.     Source

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Innovative Illuminated surfboards

illuminated-Paddleboard-Innovative-lighting-surfboards (5)

This original illuminated paddleboard is called NightSUP, which equipped with LED lights that allow you to visibly paddle at night, but, does it attract sharks? :)      Source

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Beautiful galaxy bedding for fans of astronomers


Jail Betray designs and digitally prints high resolution images of stunning galaxies, stars, nebulas, planets, etc, on bed sheets, really a great gift for astronomy lovers. Source

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Stylish and eye-catching jean underwear

beautiful-stylish-jean-underwear (1)

Unusual “Jean Shorts Underwear” in various styles and designs look like close-fitting jean shorts that can outlines and flatter your perfect figure.  

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Eye-catching sports apparel inspired by human anatomy


The unusual sports apparel named Muscle Suit is created by Tomek Pietek in Warszawa, Poland, which was inspired by anatomy of the human body and designed for athletes of some kind, say, cyclists, runners, etc. This small company is still making the series, the arm and the leg warmers. You’d better not wear it at […]

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Creepy and disturbing baby head masks

weird odd disturbing creepy bizarre strange baby head mask (3)

Each one of these realistic Hyperflesh baby masks created out of extra thick latex is individually handcrafted by Landon Meier on a single size, $350 plus shipping and handling. Source Video

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Only in Japan – Toilet powered motorbike

only in japan weird odd strange bizarre products toilet motorcycle (1)

The toilet powered motorcycle is created by Japanese toilet manufacturer TOTO and is design to run on human waste, which can convert human waste into biogas fuel. Beside its eco-friendly features, it can play music and even talk to the rider as they drive. Source Video

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Amazing shoes

creative unusual bizarre odd strange crazy funny weird shoes (8)

Unusual and weird shoes designed by creative footwear designers around the world. I don’t think the shoes below are designed for human beings. High heel shoes made for the fans of Super Mario.   Metal Shoes Stormtrooper shoes designed for the fans of Star Wars.

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Japanese invention – Perfect ice making machine

amazing cool Japanese invention product ice mold making machine (1)

Innovative product from Japan, ice machine named Ice Ball Mold that can easily transform blocks of ice into various shapes such as diamonds, perfect spheres, etc. It’s really a perfect ice making machine for bars and restaurants. To place the ice between two aluminum blocks and the gravity will get the next work done. Video

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Funny face pillow

weird odd strange funny interesting unusual face pillow (2)

Handmade and machine washable head shaped pillow by American company PillowMob. Just for $ 30 and upload high quality face photo that customers wanna put on the pillow, the PillowMob will make and ship it to them.  

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Amazing muscle leggings

amazed surprised weird odd bizarre muscle leggings pants trousers (2)

Perhaps only the fans of human anatomy might accept such leggings like this, which are designed by James Lillis and are available at Black Milk Clothing store.   Is wearing such leggings adjudged cheating in the biology/anatomy examinations for medical students?

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