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The world’s smallest revolver and rim fire ammunition

amazing cool worlds smallest gun revolver (4)

This miniature double action revolver is the world’s smallest firearm that has all features same as a regular gun, of which the total length doesn’t exceed 5.5 cm. Swiss Mini Gun shoots 2.34 mm calibre rim fire ammunition which is the world’s smallest rim fire ammunition. Source Video

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Fully functional prototype of personal hover bike

cool innovative high technology prototype personal hover bike craft (5)

A kind of prototype of fully functional personal hover bike had been designed and made by the Aerofex, a California based American company. The power system of the hover bike consists of an engine and two ducted fans. Source Video

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New human carrying transportation device – Personal Helicopter

cool high technology human carrying transportation device helicopter

German company E-volo had developed a kind of prototype of human carrying transportation device named ‘E-volo multicopter’ like a helicopter with sixteen electric propellers and simple control joystick for pilot. Video

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