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Spectacular photos of storm in Russia

amazing cool spectacular nature phenomenon storm pictures (4)

Amazing photos of storm captured by Russian Oleg Ivanov, an amateur photographer. On the scene the photographer took these spectacular pictures at Baltiysk beach close to the border with Poland on the north-west Russian coast.

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Beautiful ice caves in the Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve

stunning beautiful amazing ice cave glacier

The Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve in Alaska, where not only are the views visual spectacle and beautiful, but the scenery below the surface is amazing. The following pictures show the caves inside the glacier that are formed by melt water. Source

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The mushroom cloud hung over Beijing

amazing cool spectacular natural phenomenon cloud wonder (1)

19:00 pm on June 14, there’s a spectacular phenomenon in the sky that the clouds look like mushroom cloud of the A-bomb hanging over Beijing, China, accompany with cloud-flashes inside, really impressive.

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Cool pictures of lava

Eyjafjallajoekull Volcano Photography

Lava, the rock in its molten form when magma reaches the surface, issues from volcanic export or crust cracks, the general temperature range between 700 degrees to 1200 degrees Celsius, although the viscosity of lava is 100,000 times that of water, it can also flow a few miles outside then become igneous rock when cooling […]

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Bizarre mushrooms like alien species

amazing weird odd strange unusual rare bizarre mushrooms alien species (17)

Normally, mushrooms consist of a cap at the end of a stem arising from an underground mycelium, but these fungi look like extraterrestrial species. Next Page

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Collection of sand duststorm

crazy cool spectacular shocking horrible dust sand storm pictures (12)

A shocking and spectacular kind of natural phenomenon that can almost reduce visibility to nearly zero.  Let’s have a look at these sand storm and dust storm pictures. Next Page

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Amazing clouds with all the hues of the rainbow

amazing spectacular stunning beautiful iridescent rainbow clouds

The evening of June 5, 2012, amazing natural phenomenon took place in the sky in Hainan, China. The iridescent cloud is a phenomenon that ice crystal in cloud refracts the sunlight rays.

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‘Strawberry milk’ lake in West Africa

weird odd bizarre strange surprised amazing place world salt pink lake (3)

Lake Retba in Senegal, West Africa, not only looks weird, the smell isn’t comfortable. This pink lake looks like strawberry milk, which is caused by high concentrations of salt. The data shows that salinity in some areas is as high as 40%. Local salt mining is an important source of income. Microbiologist said that the […]

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