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Designs Shaved Into Head Hair

Category: Amazing world

My hair has always been pretty thin, as a result, I would look like a moron if I tried to shave something into it. But, looking like a fool hasn’t stopped these people from shaving things into their hair.I know he is trying to spell something, I just can’t read it.That’s pretty cool I guess, if you want to look like a tool.You idiot. How will you be able to see what time it is, if you can’t see it?Dedicated baseball fan.Fancy shmancy.Wow.Great for sleeping in class.Another face.Yet another face. Honestly, how often do these people sleep in class that they thought this haircut would be advantageous?Ron Artest.Punk with style.Soccer ball.Mmmm, k.Some playing cards. Seriously though, whats with the bow around his neck?AIDS ribbon.Sources:



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