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Exciting moments of wild animal fighting

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Alaska, 2 bald eagles attacking each other in the air

Animal fighting exciting moments vultures

Two African elephants were fighting for the supremacy right, Botswana Nathalie

Animal fighting exciting moments elephants

Steve Bloom’s "conflict" series : two tigers tussle with each other in northeast China

Animal fighting exciting moments tigers

In Kenya, Masai Mara, a helpless  Hippo was under heavy siege by a group of lions

Animal fighting exciting moments Hippo  lions

Two polar bears, Manitoba, Canada, attacking each other

Animal fighting exciting moments polar bears

According to "Daily Mail" reported that wild animals, these battles took place between a very intense fight. These photos of wild animals, some rare photographs show the real scenario, indicating that we may only have seen the animals in the zoo how cruel real life.
Well-known wildlife photographer Steve Bloom  shot photos, also shows that such a truth: When the supreme authority of the violations, this kind of cruel fighting will occur in the same species.


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  1. Cortney says:

    that first picture is of two bald eagles, not vultures.

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