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Guinness record – world’s largest boob

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There’re many girls are vexed about their small breast, but the large boob is inconvenient for someone.

Brazilian 29-year-old Hershey set a new world record, her breasts reached 38KKK, setting up a new world record, reaching the world’s largest boob.

Hershey was born in Brazil, currently residing in the United States, she is a singer and dancer, owning her own record company.

I think she may be elected Image Spokesman of NBA.

Guinness record the worlds largest boob 2   Guinness record the worlds largest boob 4 Guinness record the worlds largest boob 5


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12 Responses

  1. ajay says:

    this is for u……..

  2. Cuiabá says:


  3. samAdam says:

    …why? she must be dead inside. =)

  4. veer says:

    mine blowing what n idea sir ji

  5. clove says:

    if she fell in a pool , her boobs will float

  6. inglet says:

    i’m all for big boobs, but they are just silly

  7. dionysus says:

    Got milk?

  8. wasif Hussain says:

    This seems to be artificial and not real .

  9. girish says:

    mind boobling does’t look real

  10. Miguel says:

    Pues… están muyyy biennnn, aunque, creo q están demasiado grandes, como para tratarlas

  11. Anonymous says:

    Realy i want have….just for one night

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