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Haaaay! Horses In The House

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horses in the houseI often get inspired to do several posts at once, usually because a video’s related videos area on YouTube can be such a gold mine. That is the case with this post. In researching something for a later feature, I discovered a large handful of videos where people videotape horses clomping around in their houses. I have no idea why, but I’m absolutely entertained by this — The clip clopping! The women’s voices “scolding” the horses! The tiny hallways! Just watch. And don’t miss the last video, which is an old favorite in Urlesque HQ.

Nasdaq, a nosy horse that LOVES to venture inside, has been documented several times in her indoor excursions.

Uh oh! Now Nasdaq has REALLY done it — by bringing friend horse, Wolfie into the house, too.

Here’s Annabell’s trip through her owner’s home. The sound on this one is the best.

While a shetland pony may not be as big, Topsy’s in-home awkwardness is still off the charts.

This horse, Khornerstone KpM, also likes to spend his evenings surfing the world wide web!

I’ve saved the best for last because this horse does EVERYTHING: rides in the car, fetches beer, answers the phone… what CAN’T Patches do?

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