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Happy Birthday, Caplin RousThe Web’s (And Our!) Favorite Capybara

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caplin rous capybaraCaplin Rous is a Texas-born and bred pet with a web presence that anyone would love to have. With his own website, over 2,300 followers on Twitter, a bubbling YouTube account, and even an inclusion in Animal Planet’s Top 10 Odd Looking Pets feature, this little fella may as well be taking over the web.So what exactly IS Caplin Rous? He’s an adorable 100 lb. rodent called a capybara — the world’s largest rodent — who loves blueberry yogurt, popsicles and looks AWESOME in costumes. One can easily get stuck watching every single one of his 80 videos on YouTube, but here’s my very favorite (for now) in which Caplin Rous begs for a popsicle.

Break out the popcicles and yogurt, because the most exciting news is that today is Caplin Rous’s birthday!!! If you’re in the South Austin area, don’t miss his birthday party tomorrow. I wish I could go! If one of you lucky readers is able to celebrate with Caplin on his special day, please send us a photo!

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