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Human Beings: The Ultimate Comeback Story

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Human Beings: The Ultimate Comeback Story ecology” />

It’s entirely possible that the Earth could have saved herself what some of my more country brethren call “a whole passel of trouble” if she’d only finished the job…

Human Beings:  The Ultimate Comeback Story ecology
Image from Big Daddy

Man was on the brink of extinction once, and had to break into small bands in order to survive.

Prior to leaving Africa, nearly 150,000 years ago, mankind may have been down to 2,000 individuals. Had the terminology existed at the time, we probably would have been considered an endangered species.

What drove man to this brink, prior to the species recovering, reuniting, and leaving the continent?

Perhaps the answer is climate change. As long suspected, it may have almost wiped out our species at the very beginning. What isn’t totally understood is why the apparently appropriate response for the early humans was to scatter in the face of peril.

This strategy held out for several thousand years, until roughly 40,000 years ago, when a reunited “pan-African” society began to expand out of the continent.

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