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Imitation is strictly forbidden! Dangerous self-made weapons in prison

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Introduction of several self-made weapons in prison, according to the Design Observer’s Dangerous Beauty

1. Iron rule dagger

Iron rule dagger
A sharp dagger is made of a iron rule.
2. Glass knives

Glass knives
A sharp glass fragments
3. Plastic comb broadsword

Plastic comb broadsword
Three blades in the Comb teeth, then fixed by copper wire and shoelaces.
4. Super-glove

Looks no different from ordinary glove, in fact, between two layers of gloves, there are four needle
5. Typewriter dagger

Typewriter dagger
Blade is made of a part of typewriter
6. iron sheet dagger

iron sheet dagger
Very sharp
7. 11 blade knife

11 blade knife
In the blade side, the five ordinary blade, on the other side are six smaller blades, joined with glue, and fixed by rope and adhesive tape, knife handle is enlaced by cloth
8. Small daggers

Small daggers
A hand-grinding small iron rod, knife handle is enlaced by cloth
9. "A fruit knife"

A fruit knife
It is made of a piece of a grinding metal, look similar to the fruit knife, knife handle made of some of the use of adhesive tape
10. bed board knife

bed board knife
It is made of a piece of bed board, knife handle is made of adhesive tape
11. spoon knife

spoon knife
It made of stainless steel spoon, tip is spoon handle sharpened , hilt is made of spoon front-end with the string


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