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Just One More Coconut …

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Photo: C.G. Muthana

From National Geographic Magazine’s Daily Dozen, a collection of user submitted photographs as selected by photo editor Susan Welchman, here’s an amazing entry. I’d like to think of it as celebrating eternal optimism – as in pile-an-extra-one-on-it’ll-surely-fit can-do spirit of third world countries.

Photographer C.G. Muthana has this to say about the overloaded auto rickshaw (looks kind of like Phil Spector’s hair!):

A three-wheeler transport vehicle carrying a huge load of dry coconut husks one early winter morning in the suburbs of Mysore, India. The husks are all tied to each other using their own fibers. (Source: Daily Dozen – April Week 2)

At least they’re not doing it with people and trains



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