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Kate Hussey – Grape Catch for the World Record

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Karlee Canaday tossed a fruit snack in the air, and Kate Hussey caught it in her mouth.

In a bus on their way home from a softball game, the Valley Center teammates tossed and caught, tossed and caught, scooting farther and farther from each other, amazing themselves and their buddies until finally, Karlee was launching fruit snacks from the front seat of the bus all the way to the back and Kate was catching them.

“That gave us this great idea,” Karlee said. “We’re really good at this, so maybe we could set a world record or something.”

That’s how Kate and Karlee launched their quest for the world’s longest grape catch, a feat they hope to document for Guinness World Records this summer.

The object is simple: Launch a grape as far as possible and catch it in your mouth. The Current record, set in 1991 by Paul Tavilla and James Dedy, is 327 feet, 6 inches.

Kate Hussey catches a red grape in her mouth that her friend Karlee Canaday threw at her. The two are going to attempt to break a world record of catching a grape in your mouth. Canaday will launch a grape from a slingshot while Hussey catches it in her mouth. The two high school softball teammates are hoping for a distance of 340 feet.



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