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Monkey Business

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A monkey is any member of either the New World monkeys or Old World monkeys, two of the three groupings of simian primates, the third group being the apes. There are 264 known extant species of monkey.

The many species of monkey have varied relationships with humans. Some are kept as pets, others used as model organisms in laboratories or in space missions. They may be killed in monkey drives when they threatened agriculture, or serve as service animals for the disabled.

In religion and culture, the monkey often represents quick-wittedness and mischief. Also they can be found in literature, zodiac, religion and worship.

Photographer : Marina Cano

monkey01  Monkey Business

monkey02  Monkey Business

monkey03  Monkey Business

monkey04  Monkey Business

monkey05  Monkey Business

monkey06  Monkey Business

monkey07  Monkey Business

monkey08  Monkey Business

monkey09  Monkey Business

monkey10  Monkey Business

monkey11  Monkey Business

monkey12  Monkey Business



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