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Moonlanding, biggest fraud ever!

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On July 20, 1969, millions of peoples where home in front of their radio and television sets witnessing a moonlanding. As that day, one of the world`s famous qute is Neil Armstrong words : “This is one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” Was it? Unfortunately, that day is just a beginning of a biggest fraud ever……Believes are, that Armstrong made his giant leap for mankind not 240,000 miles above the Earth, but a mere 90 miles north of Las Vegas in a top-secret base. People all around the world are gulled into believe that Armstrong and Aldrin, where gambolin through a lunar landscape, when in fact they were jumping in one of the gratest government production that qualifies as the greatest hoax of all time.
In photographs of the lunar sky, why are no stars visible?
The flag is bending and rippling. Why? It`s space.

This story might went something like this:An empty Saturn V rocket lifts off in full public view. Once is out of sight, rocket blow up in the sky. Then the “astronauts” went to a secret facility, where they participate in the bigest fraud ever. When time has come, they were sealed in a space capsule and dropped from a transport plane into the sea. After that, everything is a history.



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