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Our life of the year 3000 funny pics

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by the year 3000 1

Auto shavers of the year 3000 will keep dad smooth and clean without massy creams and foams.

by the year 3000 2

By the year 3000, your clothes will automatically change themselves to stay in fashion.

by the year 3000 3

By the year 3000, getting a tan will only take few seconds.

 by the year 3000 4

By the year 3000, you won’t carry a backpack, it will carry you.

by the year 3000 5

By the year 3000, special devices will automatically take care of your runny nose when you’re sick.

by the year 3000 6

By the year 3000, cosmetics will be much easier to apply.

by the year 3000 7

In the furture, you’ll save time by having a robot amke you exercise while you sleep.

 by the year 3000 8

The helicopter cap of the year 3000 will get you around faster and easier than your bike.

 by the year 3000 9

By the year 3000, your computer will punish you if you type something nasty.

 by the year 3000 10

By the year 3000, pro athletes will make so much money, they’ll just hire people to play for them.

by the year 3000 11

The four-legged jeans of the year 3000 will make sure you have place to sit everywhere you go.

 by the year 3000 12

In the furture, if you want to go to another continent, you’ll be able to drive there.

 by the year 3000 13

To save on gas, schools of the year 3000 will replace all of their bus drives with circus performers.

 by the year 3000 14

By the year 3000, cars will always have to stop for stop signs.

 by the year 3000 15

Someday, you’ll be able to change just a single actor in a show without changing the show itself.

by the year 3000 16

The doctors of the future will also be magicians , so they be able to check your bones without X-rays.


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