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Amazing muscle leggings

amazed surprised weird odd bizarre muscle leggings pants trousers (2)

Perhaps only the fans of human anatomy might accept such leggings like this, which are designed by James Lillis and are available at Black Milk Clothing store.   Is wearing such leggings adjudged cheating in the biology/anatomy examinations for medical students?

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Amazing heart cake for Valentine’s Day

amazing cool terrifying weird odd surprised bizarre heart cake design

The terrifying heart-shaped cake for Valentine’s Day is made and sold by Lily Vanilli, this “bleeding heart” is made out of red velvet base and cream cheese, and the "blood" is blackcurrant and cherry. Although it must be delicious, I can’t get up the nerve to have a try.

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Terrifying elevator shaft

creative cool awesome 3D three dimensional optical illusion (2)

When the doors of this elevator shaft at Southside shopping centre in London opened, people would be scared to see that they’re only a step away from the collapsed floor of the elevator. This creative 3D optical illusion was created to welcome the launch of Alton Towers Resort’s new attraction – Nemesis Sub-Terra.  

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Creative shadow art

awesome cool creative pretty nice shadow art

Creative shadow art created by artist Rashad Alakbarov from Azerbaijan. Rashad Alakbarov creates unique form of images of landscapes, human face, buildings, etc. on walls by using carefully arranged objects instead of regular paintbrushes.

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Beautiful wire tree sculptures

amazing cool awesome wire tree sculptures (8)

Talented sculptor Kevin Iris has been using aluminum alloy wire to create amazing shining tree sculptures for more than 23 years. The longest one of Kevin Iris’ works took him about 450 hours, of which there’re about 10,000 loops on top for leaves.

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Amazing picture of various buildings

amazing funny interesting cool impressive buildings structures

These amazing images of upside down buildings and bizarre structures are created by Spanish artist and photographer Victor Enrich, the background of each photo is the real world locations.

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Paper folding art – Paper animals

cool funny interesting awesome origami paper folding art sculptures (10)

These vivid paper sculptures of animals are created by Swiss artist Sipho Mabona in Switzerland. Most of the paper folding sculptures were designed and folded by Sipho Mabona from a single uncut paper square, whose beautiful creations show that the origami artist must be a person who loves the nature.

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The art of meat

amazing impressive ironic cool meat art (6)

Photo series named“Meat America” project by Philadelphia based artist Dominic Episcopo that fresh meat was carved to resemble famous people, symbols and so on. Sacred Heart Elvis Tenderloin MJ Calf Liver Abe Peace Kentucky Strip Betsy Ross Nevada Lamb  

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World’s first industrial double barrel pistol

cool Innovative double barrel handgun pistol weapon design

We are no stranger to double-barreled shotguns, but double barrel pistol is somewhat unusual. Arsenal Firearms designed world’s first industrial double barrel semiautomatic handgun named AF2011-A1, which can fire two bullets for a single shot.

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Refreshing power of Sprite – Amazing advertisement

cool impressive eye catching amazing ad sprite shower

These eye-catching Sprite showers have been installed on beaches in Israel and Brazil of which the appearance and function are as same as giant Sprite dispensers.

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Amazing food photography – Meat dessert

weird odd bizarre creative amazing food meat dessert (1)

Amazing food photo series created by Jasmin Schuller, an Austrian photographer. Ice cream, cake, and other desserts in these photos are all made from real meat. In fact, it makes me feel a little disgusting.

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