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5000 ducks waddling along the road

funny interesting ducks on road pictures (4)

The breeder said he had driven these ducks for more than six months to look for food, no one got lost.     

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Pass the Niagara Falls on the tightrope

cool wow amazing stunt high wire tightrope walking

June 15, American tightrope walker Nikolas "Nik" Wallenda successfully passed the Niagara Falls connecting the United States and Canada. Wallenda’s stunt would last for 2 years and had been approved by the government of the United States and Canada. The tightrope across the United States and Canada which Wallenda walked along was about 550 meters […]

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Photos of angry cat

amusing interesting funny pictures of cat (10)

Bugger off and leave me alone! What a little torment that human is!   Source

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Beautiful ice caves in the Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve

stunning beautiful amazing ice cave glacier

The Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve in Alaska, where not only are the views visual spectacle and beautiful, but the scenery below the surface is amazing. The following pictures show the caves inside the glacier that are formed by melt water. Source

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Amazing photography with scanner

amazing weird odd strange creative cool photography (2)

Henry Hargreaves, a photographer from New Zealand, used scanner to create a set of jewelry photographs that the positions of model and jewelry had been carefully designed and for shooting the model was asked to be close to the scanner for 20-30 seconds.  

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The mushroom cloud hung over Beijing

amazing cool spectacular natural phenomenon cloud wonder (1)

19:00 pm on June 14, there’s a spectacular phenomenon in the sky that the clouds look like mushroom cloud of the A-bomb hanging over Beijing, China, accompany with cloud-flashes inside, really impressive.

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Strange phenomenon in the night sky above Russia

strange amazing odd surprised spectacular phenomenon sky russia (6)

There’s an unusual phenomenon in the night sky above Astrakhan, Russia. People couldn’t explain what they saw; some believed that it’s caused by the thunderstorms, while others thought it was UFO. I prefer to believe that it’s the wake of a rocket or missile.

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Cool pictures of lava

Eyjafjallajoekull Volcano Photography

Lava, the rock in its molten form when magma reaches the surface, issues from volcanic export or crust cracks, the general temperature range between 700 degrees to 1200 degrees Celsius, although the viscosity of lava is 100,000 times that of water, it can also flow a few miles outside then become igneous rock when cooling […]

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A British couple accumulated 30 tons of garbage in home

crazy weird odd bizarre amazed people (2)

A couple in London Borough of Brent kept up to 65 cats and the accumulation of garbage in home was from the ground to the roof. It’s estimated that the garbage weighs around 30 tons and, astonishingly, in which there’re three cat corpses. According to neighbors, the couple’s home was all over with cat feces […]

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Canoeing enthusiasts challenge waterfalls around the world

cool exciting awesome crazy extreme sports canoeing kayaking waterfall

South Africa’s Steve Fisher and New Zealand’s Ben Brown and Jarred Meehan are all canoeing/kayaking experts. So far, they have conquered many waterfalls around the world, such as 65 feet high Aldeyjarfoss waterfall and 40 feet high Godafoss Falls in Iceland, and 50 feet high Fleming Falls in Norway.

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The models are so excited as to leak in their pants – controversial advertisement

weird odd bizarre shocking surprised controversial advertisement (1)

Latest summer sales ad of the Harvey Nichols – Try to contain your excitement!

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