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Unusual rope sculptures

cool creative unusual impressive rope sculptures art (5)

Brazilian sculptor Mozart Guerra firstly made the models of animal and human heads, then wrapped them with nylon rope in different colours to create unusual visual effects. Next Pages

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Turn Oreo sandwich cookies into works of art

amazing cool food miniature portraits cream filling Oreo cookies

Have you ever thought of transforming those common foods into unique works of art? Talented artist Judith G. Klausner carved miniature portraits in white cream filling of Oreo sandwich cookies.  

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Exciting tree-top dining experience at bird’s nest restaurant

unusual amazing cool wonderful romantic tree dining

At the Soneva Kiri resort in Thailand there’s an unusual restaurant like bird nest on the tree-top, guests arriving there will enjoy fine food delivered by the waiter through zip line.  

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Wonderful eggshell sculpture

incredible creative funny interesting art eggshell chicken sculpture

The answer to chicken-and-egg thing: Eggshell came first! This incredible eggshell sculpture created by British artist Kyle Bean.

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Taking creative pictures by this installation

funny interesting creative cool inspirational art installation

At the Centquatre gallery in Paris, France, an interesting interactive art installation by Leandro Erlich is now on display, people can take cool photos by a large mirror when they’re posting on horizontal building facade on the ground.

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Amazing mine furniture

amazing weird odd strange bizarre unique furniture design (4)

Artist Mati Karmin from Estonia created the unusual furniture which is made out of recycled naval mines during the Second World War, and some components and accessories are from Soviet armored vehicles. Perhaps the furniture are only for the weapons enthusiast.   Next Page

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Terrible bathroom

terrible amazing glass bathroom design

This scary bathroom with fearful transparent floor made of high strength glass was designed by Hernandez Silva, which located on top of elevator shaft of a 15-story building in Guadalajara, Mexico.

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Unusual glass sculptures

amazing stunning cool beautiful glass sculptures (1)

Exquisite and beautiful glass sculptures by artist Robert Mickelsen, complex and detailed network of glass shapes the objects, humans, bottles, animals and even weapons.

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Cool photography – Gravity free

awesome eye-catching amazing cool photography gravity defying photo (1)

Using himself as model, French artist Philippe Ramette created these creative and impressive images that showing him in the poses of gravity free. These images weren’t edited by Photoshop or any other image processing software but were taken on location with the help of hidden supports. Next Pages

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Amazing 3D pencil drawings

cool awesome amazing 3D three dimensional pencil drawings (1)

Amazing three-dimensional pencil drawings created by Japanese artist Nagai Hideyuki, 3D scenes and objects depicted in these paintings look like emerging from the papers when people view them from a particular angle. Next Page

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The world’s most eco-friendly Ferrari sports car

pedal human powered design ferrari sports car (6)

Or the world’s most expensive bicycle – £1.2 million. This pedal powered "Fahrradi Farfalla FFX" is equipped with 4 bicycle wheels with custom rims, 11 speed gearbox, and ultra-bright LED lighting system. Designer: Austrian artist Hannes Langeder

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