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Dubai helicopter tour (28pictures & 1 mov video)

wonderful airscape of Dubai by helicopter1

Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, A Russian traveler & photographer trip around Dubai to photo by helicopter. It’s a luxury city, mile-high skyscrapers and hi-tech facilities. These photos will carry you to this incredible beautiful city. Dubai helicopter tour   .mov video

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WTF – the weirdest fashion design

sure it is a shoe

Getting tanned in chic and fashionable way Don’t be wondering, sure, it is a shoe! zipper earrings Bra made out of pig heads! just only for weird and odd!  no sexy! Ok, don’t ask me about it , donno     A bird in cage Condom fashion  

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The Strongest Woman Of The World!?


  Is this a women? The female component of competitive bodybuilding began in the late 1970s, women began to take part in bodybuilding competitions. Irene was born in Denmark in 1966, she moved to Sweden at the age of 2 with parents. Irene spent most of time in gym, worked hard in bodybuilding, for the […]

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Some International Condom Ads American Never Saw

Some International Condom Advertisements American Never Saw14

A creative advertising can play a significant role in product sales, especial for condoms, how to make a deep impression on consumers without vulgar is a challenge, There are some subtle and implicit condom ads from around the world.  

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Amazing Erupting Volcanoes Photos


Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano eruption photos. Hawaii Island is located in the "active zone" – central part of the Pacific tectonic plate, it formed by five volcanoes, of which Kilauea volcano is the world’s youngest and the most active volcano. Almost every day, there’s 100 thousand cubic meters of magma extravasation. MountEtna is a well-known active […]

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Latest mode hair style

weird hair style1

Is this the latest fashionable hairstyle?

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Poor drunk girl – freaking cool funny weird

girl drunk freaking cool funny weird12

Poor girls, they drank themself into a stupor, why they drink so much alcohol? Probably drinking themself to death. Something drove them to drink so much, too happy or too sad? In order to cut down drinking, good-tasting alternatives with less alcohol is a good way. Here is Series 2        

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Russian soldiers in severe Russian winter.

Russian winter3

View these photos, you will understand the reasons for the failure of Napoleon    

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Cute polar bear cubs learn to walk

cute lovely polar bear cubs2

Only eight weeks old polar bear cubs were first time to leave the cave in the spring sun. They were learning to walk. After the birth, it was their first encounter with the cold Arctic winds and the threat of predators, and their mother was on one side as protection.  

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The tea house in the Sky

Takasugi-an tea house tree house expressive architecture-1

Following yesterday’s Charcoal House story, here’s another of Terunobu Fujimori’s projects photographed by Edmund Sumner: this time Takasugi-an, a tea house in Chino, Nagano Prefecture, Japan. Following the tradition of tea masters, who maintained total control over the construction of their tea houses, Fujimori designed and built the structure for his own use. Here is […]

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Wonderful Building – "Dream Cube"

Shanghai Corporate Pavilion dream cube13

The Shanghai Corporate Pavilion “Dream Cube” will begin its trial operation in April 2010. On November 18, 1999, the Chinese government officially decided that Shanghai would bid for the 2010 World Expo. With support from home and abroad, Shanghai won the bid on December 3, 2002, at the 132nd General Assembly of the International Exhibitions […]

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