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China snowstorm-the snow reached 3.1 meters

snow train

China snowstorm, the snow reached 3.1 meters thick, the train was buried in the snow.     

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Girls can drink like this

girls can drink like this_1

So, girls can drink like this, is there special feeling?! If any  

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Futuristic concept cars luxury cars with solar energy scales

Solar car with scales

1. Solar car with "scales" The odd shape of BMW Lovos concept car is same as other concept cars, The scale is solar energy scale. Solar energy scale can increase air resistance, it is also an air brake. 2. Bike with robot The weight of bicycle and robot is about 200 pounds (about 90 kilograms), […]

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A slideshow of funny monkey pictures

slideshow of funny monkey pictures funy monkey

A slideshow of funny monkey picture, a lot of pics of funny monkeys. such as cartoon funny monkeys, funny baby monkeys and so on .. wish you like ~

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PAK-DA project – Russian stealth bomber

PAK-DA project Russian stealth bomber_7

PAK-DA project is Russian stealth bomber, the meaning of PAK-DA project is "long-range air force future aviation complex", the specific model was named T-4MS.         Imagine figure of T-4MS belly ammunition mounting Russian another PAK-DA Design PAK-DA Hand Drawing PAK-DA stealth bomber 3D imagine figure

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Guinness of World Records is choosing the most popular record

The longest legs woman with the most stunted adult men

Currently the Guinness of World Records is searching for the most popular record in the past decade. The longest legs woman with the most stunted adult men, Russian women Svetlana – Pankratovana was "the world’s longest legs of the women" title in 2008 , leg length is 132 cm. She makes Chinese He Pingping even […]

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The world’s first commercial spaceship appeared

SS2 and VMS Eve in hangar 3

A fare is 200 thousand U.S. dollars The seventh of December, local time, the company Virgin Galactic revealed the mystery of spacecraft(SpaceShip Two) , after the company conducted two years secret research and development at Mojave Desert.   It is large business jet of a size, there are two large windows, the spacecraft can take […]

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Craziest Tattoo – Eyeball Tattooing

Craziest Tattoo - Eyeball Tattooing3

It’s horrible and crazy! Do not imitate him!   According to a report, tattoo expert inserted indelible ink into Pauly’s Eyeball. This special ink mixed with antibiotic eye drops to prevent eye infection. Pauly Unstoppable said, "…I have to stress that people should not attempt this dangerous operation …."  

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Amazing story of a two legged dog

amazing story of a two legged dog_1

December 1, 2009, Chicago, the United States An amazing story of a two legged dog. Dog is not meant to walk on two legs, their legs are not strong enough, also, the balance of the body is a problem. Faith is a great name, she is a great inspiration for many people. You can overcome […]

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The world’s biggest man-made hole

The Biggest Hole on Earth4

  The Udachnaya pipe is the largest diamond deposit in Russia and one of the largest in the world. The mine is one of the largest open pits in the world. "Peace" diamond mine located in Russia’s Siberian permafrost,near the city of Ya-khutia, where is one of the coldest areas of the world, winter temperatures […]

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Japanese Tattoo Art

Japanese Tattoo Art1

The most typical feature of the Japanese tattoo is whole body image. These legendary characters images are taken from history or mythology, it also performans unique characteristics of traditional Japanese tattoo art in today’s world. The hygiene management in Japanese formal tattoo studio,tools are one-time, including tattoo needle and tattoo pigment, etc. Other equipments are […]

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