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Project Natal for XBOX 360

Xbox introduces controller-free gaming and entertainment. Get off the couch and get in the game – no controller required!

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Hello Kitty Castle

I totally believe that Hello Kitty is fast becoming some sort of brand new religion and now it appears that they have their own version of St Peters Basilica. This is a Hello Kitty castle in Shanghai, China, I hoped they’re prepared for the worldwide mass of Kitty fans. You just know as well that […]

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Do you know the meaning of size of bra? There’s an explanation

A: airport B: barely C: can do D: damn good E: extensive F: fantasy~

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Explore Cultural Heritage Sites Under Threat

Catalhoyuk, Turkey

For those of us with a passion for anthropology, history, archaeology and the preservation of cultural heritage, the good people at UNESCO and non-profit organizations like the Global Heritage Fund provide inspiration for a more mindful brand of tourism. Inquisitive minds want to know after all, where civilizations began, took root and flourished and in […]

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Traveling the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel


The Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel is considered to be one of the most important and incredible engineering feats along the East Coast of the United States. Opened in 1964, the bridge-tunnel provides a direct link between the area between points in Southeastern Virginia and those found in the Delmarva Peninsula (including Delaware and eastern portions of […]

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Tailgate Madness: Pro Football in America

Oakland Coliseum, home of the Oakland Raiders

What began with the world of NCAA Division I football (never fear small schools, we will get to you) shifts to the NFL and the best tailgate scenes from Miami to Seattle and San Diego to Buffalo. Aficionados of the tailgate experience know that the pro game is decidedly different from the college campus vibe. […]

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Dangerous Roads: Russia’s Lena Highway

Dangerous Highway

Every country has a landmark road popular in legend for one reason or another. Some are strange, some are beautiful, and others are just plain dangerous. In Russia you have Lena Highway, also fondly referred to as the Russian Highway from Hell. Discovering Lena Highway Lena Highway, which runs along the Lena River, is a […]

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Tailgate Madness: College Football in America

UCLA football

The tailgate ritual that takes place in stadium lots at college football games all across America has become as quintessential to the fabric of the nation as state fairs, Old Glory and mom’s apple pie on the windowsill. From mini football games to elaborate bbq contraptions, kegs of beer and of course, flatbed trucks and […]

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7 Affordable Hotels in Orlando, Florida


There’s more to Orlando than Disney and, to be honest, not everyone can afford to stay in a Disney Resort while visiting the Orlando area. Fortunately, there are dozens of incredible hotels in the Orlando and Kissimmee areas that are both affordable and central to most of the main tourist attractions you’ll want to visit. […]

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Perth: A Last Minute City Guide


The Western section of Australia is two times the size of Texas and spans over a million square miles. Within those miles you’ll find parks, beaches, wineries, restaurants, and landscapes you will only wish you had enough time to explore. Image: Ole Reidar Johansen Perth, because of its location in Western Australia, is one of […]

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10 Reasons to Visit the Black Sea

Hagia Sophia in Trabzon

As a body of water, the Black Sea is without question, one of the most vital, historic, precious and beautiful in the world. With one foot in Europe, Asia Minor and the often mysterious Caucasus, the inland sea spans a plethora of cultures and offers intrepid visitors much to explore. The Black Sea’s delicate biodiversity […]

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