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Octomom Rips Kate’s Bikini Body

Nadya Suleman goes on a video tirade about Kate Gosselin’s vacation bikini pictures. Suleman, who is trying to trademark the term “Octomom,” appeared in another video on This time, Suleman goes on rant about Gosselin using tummy-tuck to get in beach shape. Suleman then rips up a set on Gosselin bikini pictures, throws them […]

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Kate Gosselin on Bikini

Kate Gosselin hits the beach again in a new bikini, while husband Jon is nowhere to be seen. Gosselin, 34, was in the black designer bikini at a North Carolina resort on Tuesday where she, hed kids and bodyguard Steve Neild have been since Memorial Day. Jon Gosselin was spotted Monday on at ATV at […]

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Mammoths Roasted in Prehistoric Kitchen Pit


Central Europe’s prehistoric people would likely have been amused by today’s hand-sized hamburgers and hot dogs, since archaeologists have just uncovered a 29,000 B.C. well-equipped kitchen where roasted gigantic mammoth was one of the last meals served. The site, called Pavlov VI in the Czech Republic near the Austrian and Slovak Republic borders, provides a […]

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The Top 10 Telescopes of All Time


Gemini Observatory Two eyes are better than one. The Gemini Observatory’s twin optical/infrared telescopes are an ocean apart, yet together they can access the entire sky. Gemini South is located at almost 9,000 feet in the Chilean Andes; Gemini North (pictured) sits atop the dormant volcano Mauna Kea, home to an international community of telescopes […]

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The 10 weirdest items sold on Amazon


Think Amazon’s just a cheap way of getting hold of bestsellers and DVDs? Think Again. We’ve uncovered 10 absolutely incredible items for sale on the online emporium. 1. Wolf Urine Lure-32 oz The blurb says: “Use our 100% urine lures to create the illusion predators are present in the area you wish.” Reviewer Glenn Berkemeier says: ”Today is […]

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5 Truly Bizarre Historical Theories


From subterranean Martians to female hysteria, people have been known to believe some pretty bizarre things. What does it take to make a believable scientific hypothesis out of a strange idea like Hollow Earth theory, what suspension of believe is needed to agree with the Intelligent Design nutjobs? Apparently, not much. Here are five of […]

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10 Excruciating Medical Treatments from the Middle Ages


Surgery: Crude, blunt and horribly painful Surgery in the Middle Ages was crude and blunt and … PAINFUL! Surgeons had a very poor understanding of human anatomy, anesthetics and antiseptic techniques to keep wounds and incisions from infection. It was not a pleasant time to be a patient, but if you valued your life, there […]

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5 Things You Didn’t Know about North Korea


When Ex President Bush vilified North Korea as part of the “Axis of Evil,” many Westerners needed no further convincing. What little we already thought we knew seemed plenty persuasive; North Korea — ruled in principle by a dead man and in practice by a character cartoonish enough for The Simpsons, were it not for […]

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The 10 Biggest Intellectual Fights Of All time


In our modern, scientific world it is sometimes easy to forget that human progress often comes attached to some spectacular intellectual clashes between different ways of looking at things and differing interpretations of what is seen. There have been some notable intellectual mind-fights over the millennia, the following are ten such fights, the outcome of […]

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Psychodelic fish caught in Indonesia


JAKARTA, Indonesia — A funky, psychedelic fish that bounces on the ocean floor like a rubber ball has been classified as a new species, a scientific journal reported. The frogfish – which has a swirl of tan and peach zebra stripes that extend from its aqua eyes to its tail – was first discovered by […]

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Sports funny faces


In the heat of the moment, sportsmen and women sometimes pull some very strange faces. Here’s a selection of sportsmen and women caught off guard Marcos Baghdatis of Cyprus pulls a strange face after losing a point during his quarter-final match against Carlos Moya of Spain at the Sydney International tennis tournament, on 11 January […]

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