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10 Things You Should NOT Do In Las Vegas


You often hear of travel guides telling you about things that you must do or see when you are in Vegas but we’re taking a different track here.  Here is list of Ten Things You Should NOT DO in Vegas. 1. Use The Casino ATMs: Most casino ATMs charge anywhere from $2 – $6 (plus […]

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The 10 Coolest Places to Swim


1. Bioluminescent Bay Located in Puerto Rico, on Vieques Island, there is a shallow body of water with a narrow inlet known as Mosquito Bay. In each gallon of the bay there are 720,000 phosphorescent single-celled organisms that glow when they are agitated. It is a defense mechanism — the glowing is designed to daze […]

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Wackiest beds around the world


They say that your bedroom says a lot about you as it is the place where all your belongings are kept, where you can shut yourself away from the rest of the world and be your true self…whatever that may be! We have done some scouting and found you the wackiest beds in the business! […]

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12 Most Unfortunate Product Names


1.Golden Gaytime (ice-cream) 2.Vergina (beer) 3.Pee Cola (soft drink) 4.Ayds (diet candy) 5.Shitto (sauce) 6.Megapussi (potato chips) 7.Wack off! (insect repellent) 8.SARS (drink) 9.Jussipussi (bread) 10.Cock flavoured mix (soup) 11.666 (cold medicine) 12.Vergatario (Chavez’ penis mobile phone)

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The 10 Most Ridiculous Lawsuits of All Time


Some people will try anything to make a million. Ever thought of suing someone because they look like you? Check out this and other frivolous lawsuits for a laugh, but don’t try them yourself! Frivolous lawsuits very rarely make it through the courts, and usually wind up costing the plaintiff. Do Beautiful Women Really Come […]

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10 Things Your Restaurant Will Not Tell You


1. “It’s more about the sizzle than the steak.” Business is good for the restaurant industry. Americans now spend roughly half their food budget dining out, and restaurants expect revenue of more than $537 billion in 2007. That’s a 67% increase since 1997. But it’s not just our collective avoidance of the kitchen that’s pumping […]

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25 Cool Places to visit in lifetime

A cool pictures collection of 25 cool places to visit around the world featuring stunning photography by National Geographic. Cape TownCape Town is situated at the tip of the African Continent. The only way to understand and enjoy Cape Town is by experiencing the unique range of multicultural lifestyles and scenic national surroundings for yourself. […]

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13 iPhone Desktop Wallpapers

13 cool iPhone desktop wallpapers for your PC or Apple Mac. Coming next week…the coolest collection of wallpapers for your iPhone.

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Cool Apple App Wall

Check out these cool pictures and video of an Apple App Wall from Apple’s WWDC event in San Francisco using cinema display monitors mounted together. Today at Apple’s WWDC event in San Francisco, Apple had a bunch of Cinema Display monitors mounted together on a wall showing what looked to be some sort of pulsating […]

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Cool Superbike with iPhone Dashboard

Check out this cool Superbike with iPhone dashboard. Apple fans might still be drooling from yesterday’s iPhone 3Gs announcement, but I bet they never saw this coming: an electric superbike with an iPhone for all its instrumentation! Cool! The MotoCzysz E1pc is one of the many entries in the TTXGP race this Friday. How the […]

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50 Cool Sand Sculpture Pictures

We all like sand castles but check out these 50 cool sand sculptures taken from around the world. The craft that goes into these masterpieces is awesome showing amazing creativity, flair and skill to bring us these cool pictures.

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