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Funny photo manipulations – World Cup Dogs

funny-world-cup-themed-dog-pictures (2)

The 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil themed series of photo shows funny dogs wearing uniforms of their own national football team, the project named World Cup Dogs was created by Life on White.   Source

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Skeleton suit inspired by X-Rays

creative-fitness-athlete-suit-design-xray-suit (1)

Beside the Muscle Suit, there’s another unusual X-Ray Suit designed by Tomek Pietek that is inspired by X-Rays of a human body, which is also designed for some kinds of athletes, like cyclists, runners, and general health and fitness.

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Human Teeth Shoes

bizarre-weird-shoes-design (1)

“Apex Predator” red shoes designed by Fantich and Young look a little bizarre, which are transformed from classic Mary Jane shoes and carefully inlaid with human dentures. Source

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Eye-catching sports apparel inspired by human anatomy


The unusual sports apparel named Muscle Suit is created by Tomek Pietek in Warszawa, Poland, which was inspired by anatomy of the human body and designed for athletes of some kind, say, cyclists, runners, etc. This small company is still making the series, the arm and the leg warmers. You’d better not wear it at […]

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A female model painted alike a vivid parrot

beautiful-Body-painting-art-pattor (3)

Stunning body art by Johannes Stötter, an Italian artist, musician and body painter, represented the body of a female model as canvas that was exquisitely painted colors and positioned to resemble a beautiful parrot. Most of the talented artist’s works focus on spiritual and nature-related themes.   Source

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3D Earth sculpture made out of matchsticks

matchsticks-3d-earth-model-sculpture (3)

Andy Yoder spent 2 years to create this 3D model of planet Earth with hand painted matchsticks. BTW, It’s necessary to take precautions against fire when keeping it in house.     Source

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Wonderful 3D optical illusion on paper


Dutch artist Ramon Bruin created amazing three-dimensional pencil drawings with just pencils on multiple sheets of common white paper that look really impressive from a specific angle. Source

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Earth cooled beer

eco-friendly-design-beer-cooler (2)

The underground beer cooler by eCool is a typical eco-friendly design, easy to install and without using any electricity, which can keep 24 beer cans cool, user can transport beer cans by hand crank mechanism.       Source

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Eye-catching make-up and face-painting character designs by self-taught makeup artist


Eye-catching make-up and face-painting works by Elsa Rhae Pageler, a video editor & producer, Photoshop expert and make-up artist, transform herself into fictional characters from TV series or video games, who has been doing make-up and face-painting for less than a year and studied these subjects on her own through a YouTube degree. “I think […]

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Funny animal selfies


Funny advertising campaign designed for National Geographic and Diomedia shows animals are taking selfie photos through mirrors at different scenes, bathroom, elevator,  bedroom, etc., and then share self-portraits on social networks.      

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Wooden Volkswagen Beetle By 71-year-old Artist


The Wooden car was converted from a Volkswagen Beetle by 71-year-old Bosnian artist Momir Bojic with 50,000 pieces of miniature oak wood tiles, who also made a wooden hat to match for the Wooden Volkswagen Beetle. Video  

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