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Cool snow artworks

amazing cool awesome wow fantastic impressive snow ice art works

Artists Simon Beck must be very fond of snow and ice, just look at the works of art being composed of the compacted snow, then you will know. On the lake covered with snow in France, he spent 5-9 hours every day on end to trample snow with his feet to create these exquisite images, […]

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Amazing puppy that can walk upright even with a handbag

funny interesting amazing surprised cool cute puppy dog walking upright (2)

Henan, China, this puppy every day follows its master and imitates the way he walks, it can even walk upright with a ‘handbag.’  :) Nearby residents often see this little dog that can walk upright, every time when the dog turns up, it always drawing crowds of spectators.  

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Amazing photo of the moment when candle goes out

amazing cool wonderful awesome great amazed photos candle

Photographer used Fuji S8100fd camera & Raynox M-250 lens to capture photo of the moment when candle snuffs out. We all know that candle goes out, there will be white smoke, observing the photo carefully, which is composed of countless tiny particles.

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Amazing photos of insects in the rain

amazing fun interesting impressive cool awesome surprised photography insect pictures (1)

The insects covered by the raindrops, as if wearing pearl jewelry, really beautiful and fantastic. Via

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Unusual underwater photos of swan

amazing beautiful nice underwater photographs swan National Geographic

March 6, 2012, in southern Russia, these stunning underwater photographs of swans taking food in the lake are masterpieces of Victor Lyagushkin, a 40-year-old photographer of National Geographic. Via

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The world’s oldest cat

Guinness World Records worlds oldest cat

It’s really an old cat that the kid’s holding, in accordance with the age of cat, it is equivalent to 172-year-old and up to now is the world’s oldest cat. The cat named "Lucy" was born in 1972, the owner is already 63-year-old, and in 1972 one of his relatives gave this new born cat […]

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Spectacular scene – flock driving away elephants

amazing cool spectacular wonderful impressive natural phenomenon birds flock

Recently, photographer Antero Topp in Kenya took some amazing photos that huge flock of quelea near the water was driving away a herd of elephants. Generally, the quelea would like to perch on trees to rest in habitats, but now they were even in groups driving away elephants, blackening the sky, really spectacular scene. Via

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Super spider that traps snake prey

shocking surprising amazed spider prey snake

Tania Robertson, receptionist of a company in South Africa, shockingly found that an approximately 14 cm long snake was bound in a spider web, soon to be the spider’s meal. Prior to this, that surprising spider had spent two days to spin its powerful web.   Via

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Amazing models made by scrap parts

cool amazing awesome exquisite wonderful models parts (1)

French artist Edouard Martinet’s work, he used scrap parts, such as antenna, scissors, electric fans, parts of bicycles, and other components to make a variety of models of insects and animals, which look like armored warriors in the science fiction movie. From the pictures, we can probably know what kind of parts that each model […]

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Amazing photography – Funny pictures of dogs

amusing lol cute funny interesting dog pictures photos

Seth Casteel, pet photographer from LittleFriendsPhoto, who captured these funny photos of dogs at moment of plunging into the water. In the shooting, the photographer with small ball and toy lured dogs to rush into the pool, then underwater to capture these rare photos. Next Pages

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Amazed pictures of India

funny amazing interesting crazy fun amusing weird odd bizarre pictures india

Only in India. Dedicated photographer who was concentrating on his great work. Daily life in the great floods. Yoga masters who came from the folk.   Via

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