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Amazing beautiful landscape photos

great awesome most amazing beautiful landscape scenery sight wonder photo pictures

The magic of nature, creating incredibly magical and beautiful scenery on Earth, there are more unknown adventures waiting for exploration by human beings. Next Pages

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Amazing lobster barbecue

cool unusual amazed surprising lobster barbecue cooking method (2)

Where are the seasonings? Is it delicious in this kind of way of cooking? Via

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Strange buildings around the world

weird odd strange funny interesting bizarre unusual architecture buildings (6)

Gallery of weird architecture in the world.

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Giant dead whale shark was found in Karachi, Pakistan

amazed giant large huge whale shark (5)

Local time on February 7 in Karachi, Pakistan, a 40 ft (12.8 m) dead whale shark was found near the pier. People were trying to use the crane to get this giant whale shark from the water.   Crowd of onlookers formed around the whale shark. Via

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The world’s largest freshwater lobster

amazing largest unusual rare amazed surprising freshwater lobster (3)

The largest individual of Tasmanian Rock Lobster can be up to 80 cm long and 5 kg in weight, which is also the world’s largest freshwater lobster. The life of this kind of freshwater lobster may be up to 40 years, it has now become a rare species; illegal fishing will be liable to a […]

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A crack 30 km long in the Antarctic glacier

amazing splendid spectacular large giant iceberg Antarctic glacier satellite photo

Terra, Earth observation satellite equipped with optical sensors, shot a crack 30 km long in the Antarctic glacier – a giant iceberg is forming. The photo was taken in November last year. The crack width of 80 meters, about 60 meters deep, up to 30 kilometers long. It is estimated that soon after the giant […]

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Amazed abstract paintings by animals

amazing funny interesting cool surprising astonishing abstract paintings animals

According to the British "Sun" reported on February 2. You might think that these paintings are abstract or Surrealist works of any master, but you are wrong, which were created by an elephant, a chimpanzee or other animals. London’s Grant Zoological Museum has exhibited these paintings that are from the ‘hands’ of elephants, chimpanzees, gorillas […]

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Real book of the Wikipedia

funny interesting print format real book Wikipedia worlds thickest book

This is a real book of the Wikipedia, 5000 pages, the whole book up to 55 cm thick. In fact it’s completely blank A4 paper, but in appearance which is very realistic and can justifiably claims to be the thickest book in the world.

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Beautiful dance in water

amazing beautiful nice awesome wonderful dance water performance

February 1, 2012, in Tel Aviv, an Israeli city, the dancers were at dress rehearsal in the water. In addition to beautiful performance, another feature of which is the "stage" made of water is above the auditorium and the audiences need look up to watch performances. Via

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Amazing dog with awesome balance

cool awesome wonderful great fun amazing pet dog exceellent balance skills (2)

Nick Johnson, a 50-year-old carpenter in Norwich, England, who has a pet dog with amazing balance skills, the dog named Ozzy has been famous when the video of his awesome balance skills was posted to the Web.  

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Incredible tree around the world

weird odd strange incredible bizarre funny interesting amazing surprising trees

From the strange shape of these trees it can be seen that some naturally formed, other trees grown by unusual method.

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