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Extreme funny pictures of hippos

funny interesting amusing cute PS photoshop hippos pictures editing

Amazingly ever-changing hippos created by PS masters :)   Next Pages

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Interesting and impressive hot air balloons

funny interesting cool weird odd bizarre wow surprising hot air fire balloon (1)

1783, people first flew in hot-air balloon. Nowadays, hot air balloon fiesta is held every year and there will be many funny and amazing fire balloons in various shapes can impress you.

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Amazing visual effect of paints in the water – Aqueous Fluoreau

Aqueous Fluoreau

New impressive images created by British photographer Mark Mawson, which is named Aqueous Fluoreau and is the extension of his earlier work of art – Aqueous. During shooting, in addition to paints and water, he also uses own secretive photography to work.

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Funny heads on bills

practical joke funny amusing interesting head bill banknote (1)
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Amazing works of art made of vegetables and fruits

funny interesting amazing creative surprising art works vegetables fruits (3)

You may have a try with these common raw materials and share with us. Next Pages

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Sea or desert?!

amazing wow Bewitchingly beautiful scene wonder landscape sigh ocean desert sand (6)

Bewitchingly beautiful scene, I hope to have the opportunity to be there. :) Next Pages

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Large Areas Of Collapse Of The White Cliffs of Dover

natural landscape wonder White Cliffs of Dover collapse (1)

The White Cliffs of Dover, famous British scenic spot, large areas of collapse of which occurred due to extreme weather, massive block of limestone thousands of tons in weight of an area equivalent to a football field fell into the sea and made a hill. Via

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Horrible works of art made of weapons

impressive surprising meaningful horrible frightening fearful artworks weapons (1)

Mozambican artist Goncola Mabunda used AK47 assault rifles, rocket launchers, pistols and other weapons to skillfully create a series of horrible works of art, including a throne. It’s reported that Goncola Mabunda want to warn people in this way to understand the cruel and bloody war. At present, Goncola’s works are exhibited at Jack Bell […]

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Desperate fighting between two elephants for supremacy and opposite sex

Desperate fighting battle war elephants wild animals

The British "Daily Mail" reported on February 22, at a National Park in Kenya, two male elephants staged a fierce fighting for supremacy and opposite sex; it happened that Belgian photographer Charles Vanpraet captured the scenes. Two elephants 13 feet tall and eight tons in weight took 5-foot-long fangs as weapons to begin a desperate […]

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Surprising body painting on Denver Fashion Weekend


Denver’s makeup artist Katelyn Simkins’ carousel-style body painting works became the focus of Denver Fashion Weekend. Via

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The world’s highest waterfall – Spectacular Angel Falls

spectacular wonderful great highest waterfall Salto Angel Falls Salto Churun Meru (2)

Angel Falls (Salto Angel, Salto Churun Meru) is located in the deep forests of large plateau in the Venezuela and Guyana, torrents of Rio Churun from the Auyan-tepui mountain (the Auyantepui mountain) rush down the cliff and make a sheer drop of 979.6 m, about 18 times the height of Niagara Falls.  

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