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Spectacular photos of the sky of the storms

amazing spectacular wonder amazed shocking cool awesome storm lightning sky (21)

Admirable photographer has started shooting the sky of the storms from 1999; he overcame many difficulties and captured these extremely amazing photographs. Does anyone know the name of the photographer? Next Pages

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The world’s only amber factory

world only amber factory plant mining (22)

Baltic amber is a kind of amber which exists only in the Nordic region, the total number of which nearly 80% of the world’s known amber. The world’s only amber factory is now in Russia’s Kaliningrad region, 90 percent of all world’s amber are from here. First, the workers dig a pit 50m-60 m deep, […]

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spectacle white fog bow across the Arctic sky

amazing unusual spectacular wonderful surprising cool nature weather phenomenon fog bow Arctic

51-year-old Russian photographer Sam Dobson shot the spectacle scene of white fog bow across the Arctic sky when he’s in the Arctic expedition. At that time of midnight, as in the Arctic, it’s still lit. The crew was surprised to see amazing scene in the sky. Fog bow is a kind of weather phenomenon that […]

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Iranian TV showed U.S. Army’s unmanned reconnaissance aircraft that crashed in Iran

American US army most advanced UAV unmanned plane aircraft crashed Iran photo pictures

Local time on December 8, Iranian TV showed U.S. Army’s unmanned reconnaissance aircraft that crashed in Iran. RQ-170 is the most advanced UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), which was known to the outside until last year. In May this year, in the operation that the U.S. Navy Seals killed Osama bin Laden, the leader of "al-Qaeda", […]

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Hollywood’s warehouse of props

funny interesting Hollywood warehouse movie film props exhibition show (6)

Each movie prop has a story, here is the Hollywood’s mystery warehouse of props and it has collected a large number of movie props, wanna to know what the inside of it? Let’s go check it out! Perhaps you will find the props which are from your favorite movies. Next Pages

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Different eco-fashion show

weird funny odd bizarre strange unusual surprising different unique fashion show (2)

Nov. 26, a special eco-fashion show held in Colombia. The most obvious feature of this fashion show is all the inspirational clothes that the models wearing are made of natural organic fiber materials and living plants. It seems that this eco-fashion show is probably to draw attention to the ecological environment protection. Next Pages

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Amazing farm with unique geography

amazing cool spectacular wonder landscape unique hill mountain farm (2)

In Bolzano, Italy, a unusual farm sits on the side of the mountain. Farmers daily labor on the slopes and at the end of it is cliff.  

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The most identical twins – amazing twin sisters

fun surprising incredible most similar alike identical twins amazing girls competition (10)

According to “Daily Mail” reported that a nationwide competition of the most identical twins held in London, Britain, the 18-year-olds Pearl and Ruby were deemed to be the winner in the 30 sets of twins. The amazing girls are so much alike that in daily life even their parents struggle to tell them apart, much […]

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The annual whaling in Faroe Islands

cruel merciless ruthless brutal pilot whales whaling hunting slaughter tradition

November 22, the annual whaling in Faroe Islands, the North Atlantic, whales blood reddening the seawater. During the period, the islanders will drive pilot whales to the Gulf for slaughter and the tradition has being more than 1000 years of history. According to statistics, each year the number of pilot whales slaughtered in Faroe Islands […]

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Amazing photography – zero gravity photographic works

amazing awesome great excellent wonderful cool amazed zero-gravity photography works (11)

French photographer Philippe Ramette’s standpoint is that anything cannot play false, his astonishing works, weightlessness photography, looks like the images edited by Photoshop, in fact all the photos are real, however. If you look closely, you can see the subtle lack of coordination. People can see his taut hands and reddened face, Philippe said. Next […]

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Shocking sharks that were caught

amazed fearful frightening horrible shocking poor great white shark (3)

In the ocean sharks may be very cruel, but on Earth perhaps human is the cruelest. Sharks and human beings are all senior members in the food chain, over recent centuries human had made extraordinary progress in knowledge and technology holding all the trumps. I only have to say, human is the natural enemy of […]

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