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Egypt’s escalating conflicts and asking for million-people demonstration

Egypt massive demonstrations conflicts Cairo

November 22, 2011, Madan Tahrir, Cairo, Egypt, Egypt’s mass demonstrations and conflicts into the fourth day and the scale of which was further escalating. The day many organizations at Madan Tahrir called for "million-people demonstration" to ask the military to transfer the state power ASAP. The picture showed that the crowd was consciously giving channel […]

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Beauty and the Beast – Really very hot!

extreme funny interesting amazing awesome cool amusing lol PS pictures images

Awesome imagination and the skills of pictures editing.

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Amazing kissing photos of irreconcilable politicians

funny interesting hilarious weird amusing spoof prank parody politician ps pictures

Local time on November 17, 2011, the clothing brand Benetton announced a series of trick ads of kissing national politicians. Benetton was founded in 1965, in addition to clothing, the most striking is print ads, the latest theme of which is UNHATE, using image editing software to create kissing photos of irreconcilable leaders, including Obama […]

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An alien was stored in refrigerator for two years by a Russian girl

weird odd strange surprising bizarre russia extraterrestrial alien ufo photos

Russia, Petrozavodsk, an unknown object discovered two years ago was considered an alien and had been stored in the refrigerator for two years. In 2009, a local girl found this body in a crashed UFO, she used plastic film to wrap it and put it in the refrigerator. Currently, whether it’s an alien is still […]

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Incredible cats’ "sharp" tongue

amazing surprising fun magic fantastic amazed cats tongue prickle barb hooked papillae (6)

One of the features of cat’s tongue is that it’s covered with brush-like prickles. Certainly not the same as the hedgehog’s sharp erectile bristles, but more soft hooked papillae, for cat which can help drinking water, licking food and combing its hair, so, lots of hair will be eaten when cats trim or clean fur […]

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Spectacular photos of submarine volcanic eruptions captured by brave photographers

cool awesome spectacular submarine volcanic eruptions wonder photos pictures (5)

Tongatapu, the place where submarine volcano was erupting. Tongatapu (Tongataboo) group is in the south of the Kingdom of Tonga, South Pacific, land area of 464 square kilometers, the main island of which is Tongatapu Island (area 257 square kilometers), is also the largest island of Tonga.       

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Greedy python stuffed to death

shocking amazed startling greedy python snake stuffed to death (2)

South Florida National Parks in the United States, someone found a dead python up to 5 meters long. From its bulging belly can be found that it’s only a short time after it swallowed the prey. After the autopsy the park’s staff found that in Python’s belly there’s an adult doe whole! Obviously, the snake […]

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Amazing architecture – ‘transparent’ church in Belgium

cool awesome impressive creative amazing architecture transparent church Belgium (5)

This is a church in Limburg, Belgium, completed by the Belgian designer Pieterjan Gijs and Arnout Van Vaerenbergh. As this 10 meters high church with a special architectural structure, whether people in the building or outside the building can be seen through walls, for whom it’s a fantastic feeling.  

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The most romantic soldier

weird surprising odd funny interesting cool amazing people man soldier (2)

October 11, in Sirte, the home of Gaddafi, Libyan soldiers were in fierce firefight with Gaddafi’s army, disregard of flying bullets, a man on the battlefield was playing guitar in calm and full of passion, seemed to cheer for his comrade-in-arms.

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Interesting world maps you’ve never seen before in textbooks

funny interesting world map showing distribution woman female bust breast size

This interesting world map showing the distribution of female bust size. In this map, the red represents the size is larger than D cup, orange is D cup, yellow is C cup, blue is B cup, and green is A cup, the whole Russian territory is covered with "red", representing the average size is larger […]

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Amazing people who can put egg on the point of a needle

cool amazing people man unique skill ability capability trick Guinness Book of Records (1)

How does the egg stay up? Cui Juguo, who lives in Changsha, Hunan province in China, has a unique skill that he can put egg on the point of a needle of 1 mm wide. November 8, Cui Juguo showed his amazing ability to reporter at home, within one minute he continuously erected two eggs […]

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