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Amazing war of ants

amazing horrible shocking rare unusual ant war battle (6)

Did world war of ant break out?!

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How to become a “walking dead”

Halloween disguise as shocking cool horrible walking dead zombie makeup special effect

Annual Halloween, many cities around the world have "zombie" parades, all kinds of "walking dead" who rushes into the street to scare people. The people who are unable to recover from shock are really admiring these amazing techniques with disguise as well. Below is the whole process of an ordinary man into a horrible "zombie". […]

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Funny Miss False Beard

amazing funny interesting fake false beard girls ladies (2)

Recently, the annual Miss False Beard was held in Pennsylvania, USA. The ladies wearing false beard were vividly playing various roles.  

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Amazing moments in boxing

amazing cool awesome crazy shocking moments boxing photo pictures (7)

Boxing is known as a sport for the brave, as early as ancient Greek and Roman times, there are many vivid records about boxing. Nowadays, boxing is one of the most popular sports in the United States. Next Pages

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Most charming and beautiful eyes

nice Most attractive charming beautiful eyes beauty pretty beautiful woman girls

Anyone will have a profound impression which a pair of attractive eyes in the face of a beauty can bestow. Next Pages

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Love between Human Being & Skeleton

weird odd strange bizarre fashion photograph beauty ghost skeleton

Weird fashion photograph… Living beauty and dead lady-killer? Can you make sense of what it is meaning?  

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Bizarre and funny soap

funny interesting weird bizarre odd strange surprising creative soap design (9)

At least some of which I don’t get the guts to use.

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World’s strange-looking creatures in water

strange looking weird bizarre odd surprising horrible terror creatures monster in water (10)

The man in these amazing photographs looks like an adventurer or a professional reporter, who is specifically to explore the weird species in water around the world. Next Pages

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The shocking moment of snake swallowing prey

shocking horrible terror cool amazing moment snake python swallow prey animals

Usually, a python squeezes its victims to death and then swallows without chewing, photos below show the amazing moment of snake swallowing prey that is greater than its own volume. Next Pages

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Fancier than Harry Potter

funny interesting cool weird odd strange unique bizarre lol awesome take picture photograph post

Oregon, USA, suspended in the air and leisurely sleeping, ​​a 14-year-old boy assumed such particular posture to take pictures. Nowadays, it’s popular that taking pictures in weird or funny pose, really impressive.

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Amazing X-ray images

beautiful nice novelty x-ray pictures images photos

A different world of X-ray. Next Pages

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