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The East Skywalk

amazing cool awesome impressive travel tour China zhangjiajie transparent glass bridge skywalk

November 9, 2011, Tianmen Hill spot in Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province, China, on a transparent road built along the face of the cliff, frightened tourists were with hands on the cliff walking along ‘the East Skywalk’. Tianmen Hill’s transparent sight-seeing road is 60 meters long and the highest elevation of 1430 meters, this year, was officially […]

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A large crocodile 6.187 m in length

largest big shocking amazing surprising alligator crocodile Philippines (1)

Local time on November 9, 2011, Bunawan,Mindanao in Philippines, zoologist Adam Britton was measuring the crocodile’s length. November 9, a town in the Philippines said that they caught a big crocodile of 6.187 m in length.

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Spectacular view of flocks

spectacular impressive amazing interesting inspiring awesome wonderful bird flocks

Yearly from late autumn to early spring, over the Gretna Green in Scotland, you can enjoy the magic birds’ flight performance. Every year after a long flight from their habitat in Russia or Scandinavia they will be there for winter, tens of thousands of flocks of birds flying in the sky to compose a variety […]

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Delicious Weapon – Funny Ice Pistol

weird fun interesting odd bizarre icecream ice gun pistol

Of course, these people don’t wanna commit suicide, they are tasting interesting food called ice gun! From German, Florian Jenett and Valentin Beinroth created this ice gun in 2003, and they have done a lot of kinds of ice gun, which are mostly made from the juice, licorice, cherries and food coloring, etc.

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Female sumo in Japan

amazing surprising Japanese female girl woman sumo wrestler

Many female sumo wrestlers in Japan are from an early age to start training. Compared to men, the competition ground of female sumo is different, which is plastic mat for contest and, of course, the dress is also different from men. Next Pages

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Amazing war of ants

amazing horrible shocking rare unusual ant war battle (6)

Did world war of ant break out?!

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How to become a “walking dead”

Halloween disguise as shocking cool horrible walking dead zombie makeup special effect

Annual Halloween, many cities around the world have "zombie" parades, all kinds of "walking dead" who rushes into the street to scare people. The people who are unable to recover from shock are really admiring these amazing techniques with disguise as well. Below is the whole process of an ordinary man into a horrible "zombie". […]

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Funny Miss False Beard

amazing funny interesting fake false beard girls ladies (2)

Recently, the annual Miss False Beard was held in Pennsylvania, USA. The ladies wearing false beard were vividly playing various roles.  

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Amazing moments in boxing

amazing cool awesome crazy shocking moments boxing photo pictures (7)

Boxing is known as a sport for the brave, as early as ancient Greek and Roman times, there are many vivid records about boxing. Nowadays, boxing is one of the most popular sports in the United States. Next Pages

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Most charming and beautiful eyes

nice Most attractive charming beautiful eyes beauty pretty beautiful woman girls

Anyone will have a profound impression which a pair of attractive eyes in the face of a beauty can bestow. Next Pages

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Love between Human Being & Skeleton

weird odd strange bizarre fashion photograph beauty ghost skeleton

Weird fashion photograph… Living beauty and dead lady-killer? Can you make sense of what it is meaning?  

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