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Alligator VS Python molurus bivittatus

amazing shocking crocodile Alligator Python molurus bivittatus pet photos

Little Python molurus bivittatus has no problem, many people keep it as a pet, however, there’s no place to keep it when it grows up, and some owners release the snakes into the wild, which leads to the resulting of ecological imbalance.

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Special chocolate bath

funny interesting unique special Switzerland beauty chocolate bath (1)

A beauty salon in downtown in Geneva, Switzerland, customers are experiencing chocolate bath. According to the staff, chocolate contains unique ingredients beneficial to the skin and inspiring enthusiasm. Lovers can taste the chocolate bestowed as gift when experiencing the chocolate bath.   I have a question: is the chocolate repeated use?!

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An amazing cat with two-headed

amazing shocking weird odd bizarre mutation animals cat two head Guinness World Records (3)

An amazing cat in Massachusetts has two mouths, two noses and three eyes on its face. The probability of such mutation is only one in a million. With the good care of the owner, the cat’s vitality is extremely tenacious, and now, it’s celebrating its 12-year-old’s birthday, not only being a TV star, recently but […]

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Iranian military review

Iran military review troops pictures

September 22, Iran held military parade to commemorate the 31 anniversary of the Iran-Iraq war. Weapons at the scene weren’t considered particularly noteworthy, but the style of Iranian soldiers’ sunglasses who taking part in such a review is particularly attractive.   Next Page

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A mother lion gave her life to save her child

amazing moving touching heart-warming affecting impressive lion mother save cub photos (4)

According to the report of British "Daily Mail", a cameraman photographed moving pictures in the wild in Kenya. Accidentally, a cub was perilously at the edge of the precipice, the mother lion and other four were panic on the steep cliff. Just at the critical moment when the cub would fall, the mother was desperate […]

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Top 10 weirdest military aeroplanes

strange weird odd funny interesting unusual bizarre military aeroplanes aircraft

If seem strange, at least these aircraft can fly. Is this the prototype of the mysterious UFO?!

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Zombie ants in Brazil’s rainforest

shocking amazing new life living beings zombie ants fungi pathogen Brazil rainforest (1)

The world’s most dangerous life hidden in Brazil’s rainforest, but the enemy that ants there are facing is one of the most sinister. Pennsylvania State University’s scientists recently discovered four new species of fungi in the area, they are shocked that these fungi can infect ants and take over their body and, in an environment […]

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Amazing people – Only in India

amazing shocking cool wow weird odd bizarre surprising fun people indian pictures only in india (1)

Surprising photos, I’m at a loss what to say… I’m very surprised how he can breathe.  

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Human-elephant conflict has been exacerbated – transferring of 200 elephants in Kenya

transfer wild animals elephants Kenya Human conflict Masai Mara National Reserve

September 22, in the vicinity of Narok in Kenny, staff hoisted a general anaesthetic elephant and prepared the transference. The day, Kenya Wildlife Service’s experts transported the elephants in the Narok’s jungle to famous Masai Mara National Reserve for ex-situ conservation, in order to ease the growing conflict between local people and elephants in Narok, […]

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Frightening ‘Devil Bat’

fearful amazing horrible weird bizarre rare devil evil blood vampire bat

Unlike most other bats, is it a variety of carnivorous bat or a new species?

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Guinness World Records – The World’s Shortest Woman

amazing surprising Guinness Book World Records Worlds shortest woman (2)

According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on September 20, U.S. woman, 22-year-old Bridgette Jordan had been officially recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s shortest woman by Guinness World Records committee, she’s 69 cm in height. She is not tall but very confident. From Sandoval in the United States, Jordan is […]

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