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Top 10 weirdest Guinness World Records

weird odd strange bizarre amazing cool wow surprising Guinness Book of World Records (8)

American Kim Goodman popped her eyeballs out of her skull 0.47 inches! British Garry Turner stretched his skin 6.25 inches ( about 16 cms)! New Zealand Native Lucky Diamond Rich has been a hundred per cent covered in tattoos – Eyelids and gums are no exception! John Evans managed to balance a 352-pound Mini Cooper […]

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Shocking ‘Real-life’ of Barbie dolls

weird funny amazing odd bizarre strange unusual Barbie doll girls photography

Mariel Clayton, American photographer, focused on the scenery photography of doll, with Barbie girl as protagonist to shoot various scenes for imitating famous paintings, crime scenes, etc. In Mariel Clayton’s website he says he can hardly explain such ideas and don’t know where these ideas come from. He firstly engaged in travel photography, but occasionally […]

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Amazing hotel in Japan only services the dead

weird bizarre odd strange unique Japan hotel offer service the deceased dead (3)

In Yokohama, Japan, recently there’s a unique hotel which looked as similar as an ordinary hotel in the appearance, however, it only services the dead. Because in Japan the deceased has to line up to wait for cremation at crematorium and it will take around four days, so this hotel has eyes on this market […]

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Amazing Guinness World Records – World’s Longest Fingernails

amazing wow cool shocking Guinness Book of World Records worlds longest fingernail (1)

September 14, around the New York Public Library in the United States, professional singer from Las Vegas, Chris Walton, who was showing her amazing fingernails at introductory campaign of "Guinness Book of World Records 2012", which have been keeping for 18 years, the left hand’s fingernails were 10 feet 2 inches (about 3.05 meters) in […]

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Incredible headless chicken named Mike had lived for 18 months

amazing incredible unbelievable wow weird bizarre headless chicken rooster cock mike (5)

September 10, 1945, a farmer in Colorado’s Fruita, Lloyd Olsen, prepared a dinner for his mother-in-law, his wife took a rooster of five months and a half for dish, as his mother-in-law liked eating chicken neck, accidentally, a ear and most of the brainstem were left when he’s beheading the cock. Without head, the reaction […]

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Medieval Russia’s brutal instruments of torture

Medieval Russia shocking brutal horrible crazy fearful frightening instruments torture (4)

This is a museum which displays the instruments of torture in medieval Russia, each of which is gruesome and horrible, that’s really a dark era in human history.

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893-Yakuza – The real life of Japan’s mafia

amazing japan mafia gang underworld group gangdom real life photos (14)

Belgian photographer, Anton Kusters, who spend two years being with Yakuza, which is one of Japan’s Mafias. For people who aren’t familiar with Yakuza, their signs are the violence, tattoo and harsh rules. After several months of difficult negotiations, Kusters finally got permission to take photographs of Yakuza closely. His photos show what we have […]

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Amazing people who with unique stunts

amazing cool wow awesome shocking weird bizarre surprising odd people stunt skills

Some of which are dangerous, don’t imitate them.   Next Pages

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No reason why not eat!

weird odd crazy sick unusual shocking surprising amazing food in world (14)

Daring diners around the world.

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Amazing Chinese man with unique tricks


September 7, a park in Chongqing, China, people on the scene watched a young man named He Mantang performing his stunt – standing on his two thumbs without any aid of support. He also showed his other stunts.

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Huge crocodile more than 1 ton in weight and 6 meters in length was caught in Philippines

shocking surprising amazing huge biggest largest longest crocodile Crocodylus porosus Philippine (3)

Philippine officials on 6 said that a crocodile of more than a ton was captured at a village in Philippines. It’s reported that this crocodile had repeatedly attacked human and livestock, which is 6.4 meters in length and 1075 kilograms in weight. According to a man who caught the crocodile, a farmer and a few […]

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