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Amazing products design

different cool awesome creative funny interesting surprising products design

Very different and creative designs… Do you have the courage to try it?

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Vietnam’s beautiful girls in white

stunning beautiful pretty nice hot girls Vietnam white aodai (1)

It’s traditional costume in Vietnam.

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A group of biggest dogs around the world

amazing shocking cool wow incredible unbelievable worlds largest biggest dogs (1)

Unusually large dogs, they are biggest pet dogs that I have ever seen. Next Pages

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The unknown side of South African prison

amazed photos unknown side criminals prisoners South African prison (1)

South African photographer Mikhael Subotzky shows us photos of the unknown side in South African prison. He didn’t take them as criminals or prisoners, but by pictures to show the human nature and living conditions of the persons who were arrested in prison.

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What kind makes them so scary

dread frightened terrified afraid terror scary feeling fun game (1)

Near Niagara Falls there’s a pleasure ground, where tourists will experience an unprecedented feeling of terror. Their response was very scary, but what kind let them so scary? I’m really curious….

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Spectacular undersea sculpture museum in Mexico

Spectacular wonder amazing cool sea floor bed undersea sculptures museum Mexico (8)

Its purpose is to divert tourists’ attention from natural coral reefs so that they will be interested in these sculptures. According to statistics, nearly 750,000 visitors each year visit the local coral reefs. These life-size sculptures are from the British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor, which are placed in the Caribbean sea and cover an area […]

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“Girls” in a bar in Japan

weird odd amazed surprising shocking ladyboy GRATEAI she-male photos pictures (1)

A shocking weird bar named Okama Bar has recently appeared in Japan. It goes without saying that you will understand when seeing the pictures.   Yes, all are ladyboy… :(

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Diameter of 100,000 kilometers sunspot eruption and solar flares lead to spectacular aurora in UK

cool most spectacular amazing awesome gorgeous wonderful beautiful aurora polar lights

26, Northumberland, gorgeous aurora appeared in the sky, as if in Norway. Solar flares made the night sky in northern England staging a wonderful show of polar lights. A watcher said it was the best beautiful aurora he watched ever.   The photo was taken on the International Space Station, bright green and red polar […]

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When men looking after children

weird amazing crazy lol amusing funny hilarious men looking after children kid baby (6)

What a shocking way when a man is looking after children!   Next Page

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Stunning images of the sun

amazing cool wow awesome NASA SOD sun solar ultraviolet X-ray images pictures (1)

By using technology of ultraviolet and X-ray spectroscopy, NASA’s(National Aeronautics and Space Administration) SDO(Solar Dynamics Observatory) shot these amazing photographs, which show the images of sun that are invisible to the unaided eye. NASA launched SOD in February 2010, mainly for observing the solar magnetic field, to research the impact of the Sun on the […]

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One man caught a giant grouper by himself

amazing large big giant huge Garoupa epinephelus grouper fish (5)

Really a big guy, I remain curious about how old it is.

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