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Do you know how to build mountain paths?

build hill dangerous difficult tortuous steep mountain side trail winding path road (15)

Those workers are very hard, it’s tired and fearful when we’re walking on these dangerous and steep mountain paths, I have to show my respect for their great difficult works. Next Page

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Dark Art

weird bizarre strange odd ghost charnel ghastful fearful frighten dream photo pictures (1)

Strange sounds from the darkness, do you fear it? All these come from a dream – weird photographic series.   Next Page

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Shocking “real human” exhibition

amazing crazy shocking frightening horrible fearful real human specimens model exhibition show

August 6, in Montevideo, Uruguay, visitors were watching an exhibition called "real human". Being in that exhibition would make my blood turn cold. Are these real human specimens? Or just model?  

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Amazing photos of directional blasting

cool awesome spectacular amazing chimney directional blasting pictures

In the morning of August 10, Chengdu, China, a power plant’s 210-meter-high chimney was implemented directional blasting, about 1 ton of explosives were placed at the field and drilling more than 3,000, more than 10,000 surrounding people evacuated.

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Never follow a eleplant in heat

driving car accident travel trip elephant dangerous animals South Africa (6)

Driving near an elephant is very dangerous and the consequences are really serious! Johannesburg, South Africa, an incident occurred within the nature reserve. The offender was an estrus elephant, who continuously beat the car and sat down on it, eventually the car turned right over on its roof. Fortunately, everyone in the car escaped before […]

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300000 people in Israel were protesting the rising cost of living

amazing general nation wide demonstration massive largest public protest Israel (4)

Evening of August 6, at least 300,000 Israelis took to the streets of Tel Aviv and other cities to protest against the soared price of commodities and houses, called on the government to listen to the voice of all levels and carry out comprehensive social reform. Media said that it’s the largest public protest movement […]

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Amazing aerial photographs taken by Tom Ryaboi

wonderful awesome offbeat unique amazing shocking cool skyscrapers aerial photos shots

Tom Ryaboi, from Toronto in Canada, is known as the photographer of Rooftopping, all of these wonderful photographs he took weren’t with the aid of traditional hot air balloons or any other flight equipments, but sitting on the edge of skyscrapers to shoot. As one of the most famous photographers of Rooftopping, Tom Ryaboi always […]

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Gallery of shocking nuclear explosions

shocking cool spectacular nuclear explosions weapons mushroom clouds photos images

Nuclear weapons are the ultimate deterrent and horrible threat to the mankind, if war broke out, which could inflict untold losses on human beings or even destroy enough the earth. Nuclear explosion is that nuclear weapons or nuclear devices in an instant process of a few microseconds set free vastly fiery energy. Firstly, it’s light-emitting […]

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Shocking Strong Sandstorm in China

horrible shocking amamzing serious catastrophic strong sandstorm duststorm photo images (2)

18:00 pm on August 3, 2011, Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China, the yellow dust in the air swept from west to east, just in five minutes, visibility was down to only 100 meters at some sections. I believe that the frequent sandstorms are the repercussions of serious desertification that humans messing […]

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The world’s largest cave discovered since the beginning of recorded history ever

spectacular amazing cool enormous huge largest cave in world discovery wonder Vietnam

Vietnam’s "Hang Son Doong" cave is considered the world’s largest cave which is ever discovered. The photo shows the deep of the passage. In 2009, a joint cave exploration team of the United Kingdom and Vietnam in the Vietnam jungle found an amazing cave; they claimed that the cave may be the largest Cave Passage […]

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Amazing exhibition of deformed animals

amazing weird odd bizarre rare strange surprising deformed exhibition stuffed animals specimens

July 19, 2011, the deformed animal exhibition was held in Gloucestershire, United Kingdom, which including some animal specimens.  

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