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A large-scale sandstorm was sweeping Phoenix

amazing shocking powerful large scale sandstorm dust storm attack sweep subject U.S. Phoenix

Local time on August 18, 2011, a powerful sandstorm attacked the U.S. Phoenix, which had reduced visibility to nearly zero.

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Do you dare to put your fingers into these terrible bowling?

weird odd bizarre strange horrible crazy terrible shocking amazing design bowling (2)

Bowling is usually in one or two colors and even the colorful bowling is rare. But some people design a very special group of bowling, who draw shocking pattern on the ball surface. When you picked up the bowling, as if being into bloody mouth, eyes, absolutely terrible! Bold one can have a try…  

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The Côte d’Ivoire’s "Magic Corps" without fear of bullets

weird bizarre amazing people man magic legion corps army traditional hunters africa avoid bullets

July 25, 1600 traditional hunters from northern Côte d’Ivoire were gathering in Abidjan to celebrate the advent of peace. Most of them support the incumbent president, Alassane Ouattara, for whom they battled. These hunters who inherit ancient customs are referred to as "Dozo". They believe that the clothes or some accessories they wear have the […]

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Roman wrestling contest for 2012 London Olympics

funny lifelike cool wow 2012 London Olympics Roman Wrestling competition struggle performance

In order to meet the 2012 London Olympics, the British Museum in London recently held a special Roman wrestling contest. Dressed in traditional costumes of Roman gladiators in the ‘amphitheatre’ to start a desperate struggle and the crowd went wild. Don’t worry, this is just a performance only, no bleeding, and no one died. Weapons […]

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Amazing girl – Alexandra Nilsson

From Sweden, Alexandra Nilsson, whose nickname is Kissie, she is a Swedish network star in her own conceit, in order to acquire fame, 20, she has done plastic surgery 12 times, including the chest, lips, nose, ears and other parts, to make her look like a Barbie doll. Her blog was created in 2007, almost […]

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Shocking Deadly Piranhas In Amazon

amazing horrible terrible shocking fearful dangerous hazardous fish Piranha Amazon river (1)

Piranhas live in groups and may attack humans and animals. When hundreds of piranhas simultaneously attack a target, only a skeleton left after a few minutes, such scary scene is frightening very thought, so when you travel on the Amazon river, do not hand into the water! :) Amazon has the rainy season and dry […]

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The horrible army of caterpillars – Warning – creepy pictures

terrible horrible sick amazing crazy uncomfortable scary creepy fearful awful caterpillars

It’s uncomfortable when seeing a caterpillar, let alone the army of tens of thousands of caterpillars, such sort of feelings can only be seen in horror film turn my blood cold. Next Page

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Do you know how to build mountain paths?

build hill dangerous difficult tortuous steep mountain side trail winding path road (15)

Those workers are very hard, it’s tired and fearful when we’re walking on these dangerous and steep mountain paths, I have to show my respect for their great difficult works. Next Page

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Dark Art

weird bizarre strange odd ghost charnel ghastful fearful frighten dream photo pictures (1)

Strange sounds from the darkness, do you fear it? All these come from a dream – weird photographic series.   Next Page

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Shocking “real human” exhibition

amazing crazy shocking frightening horrible fearful real human specimens model exhibition show

August 6, in Montevideo, Uruguay, visitors were watching an exhibition called "real human". Being in that exhibition would make my blood turn cold. Are these real human specimens? Or just model?  

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Amazing photos of directional blasting

cool awesome spectacular amazing chimney directional blasting pictures

In the morning of August 10, Chengdu, China, a power plant’s 210-meter-high chimney was implemented directional blasting, about 1 ton of explosives were placed at the field and drilling more than 3,000, more than 10,000 surrounding people evacuated.

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