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Unbelievable transporting on bicycles in China

only in china amazing incredible unbelievable transport bicycle photos (4)

French photographer Alain Delorme enhanced documentary images only in color and brightness with Photoshop to show us Chinese people in Shanghai transporting incredible piles of items on tricycles. Source

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Dazzling LED light sculptures

amazing beautiful led lights sculpture art (1)

Magical three-dimensional sculptures created by Japanese artist Makoto Tojiki look like the floating Olympic Five-Rings Flag at the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. These dazzling sculptures in dark are made out of thousands of LED lights and hang from the ceiling.   Source Video

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Spectacular photos of storm in Russia

amazing cool spectacular nature phenomenon storm pictures (4)

Amazing photos of storm captured by Russian Oleg Ivanov, an amateur photographer. On the scene the photographer took these spectacular pictures at Baltiysk beach close to the border with Poland on the north-west Russian coast.

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Fully functional prototype of personal hover bike

cool innovative high technology prototype personal hover bike craft (5)

A kind of prototype of fully functional personal hover bike had been designed and made by the Aerofex, a California based American company. The power system of the hover bike consists of an engine and two ducted fans. Source Video

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Cool 3D paintings

amazing impressive cool 3d paintings art (1)

French artist Shaka firstly sculpts objects on the canvas, and then covers them with paint layers to create amazing paintings with three-dimensional effect. Source

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Unusual cave house

unusual awesome cool creative house design cave (2)

Ensamble Studio designed this unusual Truffle house in Laxe, Spain looked like a cave cut in the solid rock, the exterior of which was made from concrete and the interior volume was created out of stacks of hay.   Source Video

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Amazing seafood restaurant on a rock

awesome wonderful amazing cool seafood restaurant

Rock Restaurant, an awesome seafood restaurant located on a rock near the Michanwi Pingwe beach in Zanzibar, Tanzania, can offer guests stunning views of the Indian Ocean and delicious seafood caught live from the sea, customers can watch how the diver to find and catch what they want from the sea.   Source

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Close-up photos of animals

amazing beautiful animal eyes close up photography (8)

Amazing close-up photos of various eyes taken by photographer Suren Manvelyan that show beautiful detail hidden in each animal. Horse’s eyes Eyes of Husky Dog Black Rabbit Albino Python Caiman Hyena Iguana Tiger Python Crocodile Source

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House balancing on the edge of a hill

cool creative unusual house architecture design

cooIn Suffolk, England, there’s a cool house called “Balancing Barn” that is balanced on the edge of a hill. This 4 bedrooms house was designed by MVRDV and Mole Architects and comes with stainless steel exterior and plywood interior. Source:1,2 Video

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A Burmese python protecting a chocolate cake?!

unique cool awesome amazing cake design (7)

No, it’s not a real Burmese python but a realistic snake cake. Francesca Pitcher of North Star Cakes, a UK-based wedding and celebration cake shop, created this amazing cake to resemble a Burmese python for her daughter’s birthday. Although this unique birthday cake was a one-off design, you can request a quote.   

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The world’s deepest hotel

amazing hotel room caves (1)

It must be an awesome experience to sleep in the world’s deepest hotel room located 500 feet below the ground. The underground hotel named Sala Silvermine is inside an old mine in Vastmanland County, Sweden, guests can have an unforgettable experience and explore amazing caves for $600 per night. Video Source

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