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A television tower more than 70-meter-high was blown down by strong winds

television tv tower blown down by strong winds surprising amazing photos

July 26, Xiangfan City in Hubei Province, China, it encountered bad weather again and a 70-meter-high television tower was blown down by strong winds, fallen tower was coming towards a residential buildings. Fortunately, the roof’s insulation kept it and no casualties. At 19:30 that evening, the local fire brigade successfully removed the danger.

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Amazing dance girl who performing on an airborne plane’s wing


July 24, 2011, Newcastle in UK, amazing 21-year-old British girl, Charlotte Voce, was in her unique training of "dance on the wing."

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Amazing photos when F/A-18 breaks the sound barrier

super cool amazing awesome F-18 fighter plane aircraft break sound barrier pictures

June 3, 2010, the Royal Australian Air Force’s F/A-18F "Super Hornet" fighter was in low-altitude flight training in Queensland. Photographer captured the amazing images when it broke the sonic barrier.

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Amazing high technology military aircraft MAV

super cool advanced high tech military aircraft plane Miniature Air Vehicle mav (1)

July 11, at the laboratory in Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, research team of MAV (Miniature Air Vehicle) was demonstrating the models. MAV team of Air Force dedicated to the development of military aircraft to target complex dynamic urban environment.

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Rowing on the roof

funny interesting amazing awesome mini small artificial lake on the roof

July 21, in order to promote new products, a manufacturer built a mini artificial lake on the roof of the Selfridges which is a famous department store in London, and provided more than 10 mini boats which are available for people to enjoy a different kind of fun. The lake even has a dedicated lifeguard. […]

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Top ten most beautiful flowers in the world

top 10 worlds most stunning beautiful nice famous flowers field garden wonder (8)

The wave of flowers Provence lavender garden Hokkaido flowers Dutch tulip flowers Bulgarian Rose Garden Next Pages

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Indistinguishable twins beauty contest

Hungarian National twins party beauty contest competition winner amazing pretty girl (2)

July 23, the 12th Hungarian National twins party was held in a small city near Budapest. Winner twins of beauty contest   Runner-up Third winner in contest;

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Curiosity almost killed the cat and pushed fire fighters to the verge of exhaustion

save rescue Curious poor Cat trapped stuck in the neck tire tyre

It’s a very curious cat. One day, it became interested in the tire, when adventuring into the wheel hub, it’s firmly stuck in the neck, next the action of Saving Curious Cat staged. When the trapped cat was found, the British RSPCA and firefighters rushed to the scene and began a difficult rescue.   

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How to protect the skin when swimming

During the hot summer months, want to swim without getting a sunburn by overexposure to the sun, you should try this set of swimwear!

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Amazing people in campus

amazing crazy funny amusing freaky weird odd wacky prankster students guys school campus (16)

The campus life is always very wonderful and excited, which is to be treasured, miss the old days on the campus… Next Pages

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Have you ever met a shark’s shard teeth?

amazing cool fearful crazy terrific horrible big white shark teeth pictures photo

The shark is dangerous to swimmers; being killed by sharks is a common occurrence in those waters where sharks are stalking. Although it’s the fiercest animal in the seas, in fact, humans are real threat to sharks.   Next Pages

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