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Amazing magic specimens created by Japanese artist

weird odd amazing shocking real spirits fairy biological specimens myths fable (3)

A Japanese artist took bio-anatomy as the base to create these very distinctive biological specimens, which incredibly depict the amazing world of myths and fables. First time watching these vivid specimens, we can actually feel the shocking reality, as if a few centuries ago, such creatures really once existed.   Next Pages

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Inside of Russian Northern Fleet’s nuclear attack submarine

inside interior design layout Russian nuclear attack submarine nuclear-powered photos pictures (17)

Recently, a Russian military website exposed the inside of Russian Northern Fleet’s 971 (NATO calls it Akula) nuclear attack submarine, as in photographs, which show the 971 nuclear attack submarine’s officers room and soldiers room, kitchen, dining room, shower room and other interior layout. Akula nuclear-powered attack submarines (No. 971 (U, V, M), Russian name: […]

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Islands here will be submerged 50 years later

beautiful travel submerge Tuvalu South Pacific ringlike coral islands global warming (14)

The Tuvalu in South Pacific has nine ringlike coral islands, land area of ​​only 26 square kilometers and the highest point is only 4.5 meters above the sea. As the global warming, 50 years later Houtuwalu will be submerged and therefore is the first country of whole nation migration because of global warming, there’re many […]

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High Speed Photography – The moment of bursting balloons

amazing cool photos High Speed Photography camera burst balloon funny pictures (1)

When a balloon pops, we can only see the balloon disappeared, then the debris of the balloon. However, using special photographic techniques, the moment of the burst can be completely shown before us. We can see incredible changes in shape of these balloons before which become plastic pieces.

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Images of alien in human’s imagination

weird cool shocking odd bizarre amazing alien imagination future earth images pictures photos

The humanity’s imagination of alien can be divided into many different species: human type with robust muscular body-build, Zerg monsters, modern iron and steel type, etc. Since nobody has ever seen aliens, are these figures based on forecasting of our future world? Are these aliens the human beings in the future? Whether the combination of […]

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Due to the Puyehue’s volcanic eruption, beautiful lake became a quagmire

Argentina Chile Lake Nahuel Huapi quagmire volcanic ash mud Puyehue volcano eruption

Lake Nahuel Huapi is at the border areas between Argentina and Chile, contrast picture of Lake Nahuel Huapi before and after the volcanic eruption, which were taken on August 17, 2009 and June 8, 2011 respectively. Lake Nahuel Huapi is the famous tourist destination of the place, but along with Puyehue’s eruption, the lake was […]

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Beautiful advection fog phenomenon in China

beautiful nice amazing thick dense advection fog phenomenon wonder fairyland paradise on earth (1)

June 9, there’s advection fog phenomenon happened at Yantai City in Shandong Province, China, building was wrapped by thick fog, giving a sense of a fairyland on earth. Advection fog is natural phenomenon that formed from the condensation of water vapor when warm and wet air flow moves to land or water. In the appropriate […]

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Amazing photos of Chile’s volcano Puyehue eruption

amazing spectacular chile puyehue volcano eruption photos lightning ash cloud pictures

Volcanoes Puyehue in southern Chile in the evening of June 4 began to erupt and on June 5 the cloud of volcanic ash in the sky had been as high as 10 km. For safety reasons, the residents that the Government of Chile had evacuated increased from 700 to 4000. The local police had set […]

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Docking images of shuttle Endeavour

NASA shuttle Endeavour International Space Station hook couple dock outer space pictures image

June 7, NASA posted photos and video taken on May 23 in its website that the shuttle Endeavour docked the International Space Station in May. This is the first publication of the docking images and is also the last time that "Endeavour " soared into outer space. Next Pages

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Joint military exercise of South Korea and the United States held near the border of South and North Korea

cool amazing phptos pictures Joint military exercise South Korea United States U.S. tank fire (4)

June 8, the forces of South Korea and the U.S. at a shooting range near the demilitarized zone of South and North Korea 45 km from Seoul held joint military exercise. The pictures showed the South Korean army’s K-1 tanks were firing smoke.   

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Spectacular photos of puyehue’s eruption – Amazing lightning inside volcano ash cloud

shocking spectacular amazing cool dazzle southern Chile Puyehue volcano cluster eruption photos (13)

From evening of June 4, southern Chile’s puyehue volcanoes began to erupt and continually sent enormous volcanic ash and dust into the atmosphere as high as 10 km. Authorities have already issued red alert, which is the highest alert level at this volcanic region. Authorities said they had evacuated about 600 people around the volcano. […]

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