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Amazing world under 3D microscope

cool funny awesome amazing images photographs special 3D microscope magnification phtography

From Perilla Leaf to red wine, 67-year-old American scientist, Gary Greenberg, captured these wonderful and exotic details of drinks and food in our daily life with his special 3D microscope, which magnifies the objects 300 times and finds an amazing world. Rose Wine Rosemary Dragon fruit Sugar Strawberry Perilla Leaf

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Amazing diet and lifestyle of Japanese sumo wrestlers

amazing people shocking huge Japanese sumo wrestlers athlete eat chaffy dish food lifestyle

For the Japanese sumo isn’t divided according to their weight, so the sumo wrestlers with more weight have more advantages, in order to get good results, weight gain has become a very important training for sumo wrestlers. To gain weight, they are usually on a sort of fattening way of diet and sleep based. The […]

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Horrible side of common insects in our daily life under macro lens

horrible frightening freaky sick fearful terrible insects powerful macro lens photographs

"Time" magazine published a set of photographs of common insects in our daily life. Under the macro lens, these creatures show their freaky side and it’s really horrific.

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Extreme funny famous smiling dog

fun hilarious interesting lol amusing grin smiling dog like human ps pictures

It’s just a normal and ubiquitous dog, but it can twist its face into a grin like human…  

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Great white shark leaping out of the sea suddenly fell on the deck of a marine research ship

amazing frightening breathtaking surprising shocking Great white shark leaping out sea ship

Mossel Bay, South Africa, a half-ton great white shark leaping the sea suddenly, then landed on the deck of a marine research vessel. 7 scientists wrestling with the great white shark, tried to help it to be back the sea, but they weren’t able to subdue it. Two scientists put the shark near the port, […]

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Shocking objects in body scanned by x-ray apparatus

amazing shocking surprising weird strange unusual crazy photos body under x-rays (2)

Amazing photograph taken with x-rays.  

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Jellyfish invasion in many countries worldwide that interfered with nuclear power plant operation

unusual strange amazing weird jellyfish surge world nuclear power plant global climate change (1)

On July 5 in Hadera, port city in Israel, workers were removing large numbers of jellyfish in the water near the nuclear power plant. Recently, the phenomena of surging jellyfish occurred around the world, in the United Kingdom, United States, Japan, Israel and other places, jellyfish interfered with nuclear power plants running and scared seaside […]

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Funny animal chain smokers

extreme funny hilarious interesting amusing lol animals monkey chain smokers smoking (11)

Not only peoples smoke too much, also animal chain smokers don’t care about the dangers of smoking. It’s generally accepted that smoking is harmful to health; animals also should abstain from smoking :)   Next Pages

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Interesting pictures which deceive your eyes

fun interesting weird bizarre unusual amazing cool pictures images deceive cheat eyes (8)

Amazing images lead to a false or deceptive visual impression. Next Pages

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Interesting hat show through time and space

funny interesting special fresh creative art hat design show exhibition Japan (1)

June 19, 2011, a special exhibition was held at an exhibition centre in Tokyo, Japan, the main characters of exhibition were 120 colorful hats hidden in 3000 white hats. These colorful hats are works of 86-year-old designer Akio Hirata. As the exhibition concentrated all the Akio Hirata’s design works in past 70 years, which was […]

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Amazing hairdresser’s tool

amazing funny interesting weird odd unusual offbeat special barber cut hair sickle (10)

In the mountains in Guizhou Province, China, there’s a very special minority – Bia Sha Miao nation. At the wedding, after the celebrating with gunfire, the mountain village’s elder will cut groom’s hair with an important tool in their daily life – sickle. Pretty Tourist Guide   Local Restaurant

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