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The only one in the world who can touch the polar bear

amazing fearless brave people man polar bear friendship humans animals trainer (1)

Stories of friendship between humans and animals aren’t uncommon. However, there’s a video of a Canada’s fearless old man making friend with a fierce polar bear came out on internet and aroused great concern online. According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on 30th June, this elderly man with extraordinary courage named Mark Abbot Dumas, […]

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Spectacular underground drainage system in Japan

amazing spectacular grand japan drainage system construction building wonder pictures

July 1, people were visiting a large underground drainage system in Japan. A huge reservoir which is 177 meters long and 78 meters wide. Along the State Road 16 at Kasukabe City in Saitama Prefecture, about 50 meters underground, there’s a drainage system built by Japan’s advanced civil and construction engineering technology. River floods of […]

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Amazing wonder of terraced fields in China

amazing beautiful great incredible spectacular impressive terraced fields China (17)

Hani is a minority nation living at Yuan Yang in Yun Nan province, China. They turn the mountain slopes into terraced fields, which can be seen everywhere in this area. Terraced land is the real earth art and the amazing earth sculpture, while Hani is the real earth artist. Just reaching the top of any […]

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The longest cross-sea bridge in the world – Qingdao Jiaozhou Bay Bridge

amazing spectacular awesome cool worlds longest cross-sea bridge China Qingdao Jiaozhou Bay (2)

June 30, Qingdao Jiaozhou Bay Bridge opened to traffic; Qingdao Jiaozhou Bay Bridge has a length of 36.48 kilometers and a width of 35 meters, which has being the world’s longest cross-sea bridge.    The estimated calculation of project investment is 9.04 billion Yuan (about 1.4 billion U.S. dollar). Minimum design speed of 60 kilometers […]

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Dazzling aerial sculpture is animated by the wind

fantastic dazzling animated beautiful gorgeous stunning aerial sculpture in air

American female artist and sculptor, Janet Echelman, uses soft material that is durable to weather to install colorful aerial sculpture of netting structures floating in the air, it’s animated and moves in response to wind and, in the lighting, is dazzling like Aurora. Janet Echelman’s works have been exhibited in public spaces all over the […]

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Planting coral

plant coral save help survival marine environment climate changes

Volunteers are planting coral to cover area where the coral is already dead. If the death of coral is the consequences of climate or marine environment changes, I don’t think such action can do any substantial help to the survival of coral.

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Incredible moments of quite uncommon

awesome unbelievable great cool fun rare unusual moments amazing photos pictures (6)

Few of us could see these amazing photos, which don’t look like being edited by Photoshop. Thanks for those professional photographers.    

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Amazing people – ‘Zombie Boy’ Rick Genest and Jac Jagaciak

amazing people weird bizarre Zombie Boy Rick Genest famous model Jac Jagaciak photographs

Recently, the 16-year-old international famous model Jac Jagaciak and "Zombie Boy" Rick Genest taken photographs together, there is no terror, no discomfort, that we see is an emotion, a romantic and eccentric sadness. It may possibly be so…

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International natures’s best photography 2010

amazing great excellent perfect pictures international natures best photography 2010 (3)

Fantastic photos taken by the winners of international natures’s best photography 2010. They’re very lucky to capture these impressive moments, I believe, of course, that the precondition of success is their professional abilities and hard works.     Next Pages

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Scientists discovered the largest whale shark population so far

amazing cool spectacular impressive largest whale shark population discovery Mexico photos

In 2009 scientists discovered the largest whale shark population so far in the waters of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. According to the air and water surface observations, at least 420 whale sharks were gathering together to enjoy the eggs that tuna just spawned. These photos were taken from a small airplane, which showed a ship surrounded […]

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Weird fashion show in 2011-2012 Spring Fashion Week in Sao Paulo

weird odd strange unusual amazing surprising Spring Fashion Week show bound models Brazil (12)

2011-2012 Spring Fashion Week in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the bound models were showing latest fashions designed by Brazil’s designer Samuel Cirnansck at an unusual fashion show. Watching this weird fashion show, it didn’t give people any impression in vogue, but rather the weird looking of models. Although we can not make sense of where the […]

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