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Stunning beautiful moonbow at Yosemite National Park

stunning beautiful magical gorgeous wonderful moon bow lunar rainbow Yosemite National Park (1)

Yosemite National Park in the United States, where it appeared gorgeous moonbow, beautiful colors across the night sky like the scene in fairy tale or light magic. Lunar rainbow is very rare natural phenomenon in the world, only a few places on earth where people can enjoy it, and California’s Yosemite National Park is one […]

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World’s smallest watermelon

cute rare incredible funny weird bizarre strange outlandish smallest watermelon in the world

I believe you’ve seen many huge watermelons, but have you seen such small watermelons like these? Looks very cute. Is it transgenic (genetically modified) plants? I’m really curious how to eat it? Need to peel it?

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Beautiful illustrations drawn by color pencil

amazing cool great vivid nice beautiful illustrations pencil drawing sketch pictures (13)

Don’t know the name of the artist, who has great skill in drawing, awesome works of art.   Next Pages

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Amazing people who can run on water

magic perform cool unbelievable incredible amazing people man running on water surface

Of course, I don’t believe anyone who lives on this planet can’t comply with the laws of nature and physics; he must be a magician who was performing.  

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Amazing contest among beekeepers

shocking cool surprising amazing people man beekeeper covered bees contest game

July 16, Hunan province, China, beekeepers from Hunan and Hubei held an surprising contest on a hill that has an altitude of 1400 meters, which attracted more than 3,000 local people watching the game. Finally, villager Wang Dalin, from Yichang City in Hubei Province, who was covered by 26.8 kg bee (270,000 bees) and won […]

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The most beautiful fireworks in universe

beautiful stunning spectacular splendid awesome universe out space photos images pictures (1)

These stunning beautiful images were taken by The Hubble Space Telescope in past years. With the help of the device of Hubble Telescope, people have found many major discoveries of the universe.

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Weird treatment in Indonesia

weird odd bizarre strange superstition Indonesia medical treatment cure disease

July 13, residents of the province of West Java, Indonesia, lying on the tracks, they believe the current through the rails can help people heal various diseases.

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Mermaids really exist?!

amazing weird fun true bizarre dead body Corpse of Mermaid beach sea photo (5)

Corpse of Mermaid?! Looks very realistic, unlike the computer-generated imagery, may be the photographs of professional model.  

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Brave mother bear defeated tiger to protect her cubs

bear cub tiger fight battle amazing unusual cool photos pictures (3)

July 14, a lucky photographer captured some amazing photos in Rajasthan, India. A tiger wanted to prey two cub bears, brave mother bear protected the young and defeated it. At that time, the mother bear carrying her cubs was looking for water, the tiger crawled quietly close to them, the mother saw the tiger and […]

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The grey world overwhelmed by ash from the volcano Puyehue

dark grey world covered chile Puyehue volcano erupt volcanic ash cloud scene landscape (2)

June 17, 870 km south of Santiago, near Osorno, spectacular volcanic ash cloud from Puyehue-Cordon Caulle was floating over the Andes in Chile and spread to Argentina, leading to South America, Australia and New Zealand flights were suspended.     Next Pages

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Indonesia’s masked monkeys

poor Asia Indonesia trained mask monkey street performances brutal training pictures (11)

In Jakarta, Indonesia, trained monkeys wear masks of human form for street performances. Poverty makes some Indonesians training monkeys to imitate human’s shopping, biking and other activities to earn a living by street performances. However, behind these "little street actors" is the fact of brutal training, which has caused concern of animal protection groups.  

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