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Amazing photos of India

amazing crazy lol cool funny amusing incredible unbelievable shocking India pictures

Amazing scenes only in India. People during celebrations This car is of high quality and very useful, even an elephant wasn’t able to make the tire blown out. Overload – severe overloading. What is this place? Accommodation? Trading market? Or a factory? Amazing electric wires Next Pages

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Amazing India’s ascetic – The power of faith

amazing cool incredible unbelievable india ascetic faith belief practices religion virtue photos

In order to practice, an Indian ascetic, since 1973, has risen his right arm in the air as long as 38 years. Now, his right arm has been formed and is unable to move, he has become the symbol of master in India.

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UK’s top model without left arm

amazing girl British UK best top disabled model without left fore arm

British girl Kelly Knox was born without left forearm, but she refused to wear a prosthetic arm. When she won a BBC3 competition, Kelly became the UK’s top disabled model. It’s reported that Kelly Knox is the world’s first supermodel with only one arm, and the media called her "…the most beautiful women after Venus!”

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The most beautiful little girl in America received death threats

most beautiful cutest loveliest little girl child american beauty competition threat (20)

An American girl who should have spent her happy Children’s Day was recently in trouble, known as "the most beautiful little girl in America" ​​- 6-year-old Eden Wood, received messages that threatened her with death if she would take part in the international children beauty contest. The contest will be held in Australia’s Melbourne at […]

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Standing on a high platform more than 35 hours to set a new world record

cool awesome crazy amazing people man magician breaking Guinness world records standing (12)

Starting on local time May 18, an Israeli magician tried to stand on a high platform more than 35 hours to set a new world endurance record. According to reports, the Israeli magician Hezi Dean at Tel Aviv square tried to challenge the world record holder – U.S. magician David Blaine. A.M., May 18, a […]

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The world’s sexiest female reporter

Sara Carbonero worlds most sexy sexiest female reporter FHM Spanish beautiful woman girl

Sara Carbonero, newswoman of sports channel of Spain’s Telecinco television and girlfriend of Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas, was elected the sexiest sports female reporter in the world by United States magazine "FHM".

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Philippines’ volcanic lake will erupt – resulting in more than 700 tons fish dying

Taal Lake Luzon Philippines volcano crater erupt dead fish died unusual amazing photos

May 29, a fisherman was fishing for dead fish on the Taal Lake at Batangas province in southwestern Luzon, Philippines. The Philippine government said there were indications that Taal volcano will erupt, as the lake water temperature suddenly increased, resulting in about 700 tons fish dying. Philippine Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources said that […]

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Top ten of 2011′s Best Night-Sky photos

most amazing stunning beautiful nice incredible marvellous grandeur best night sky photos pics

Top ten of most stunning and beautiful photos of Best Night-Sky Pictures 2011, this International competition was held by The World at Night (TWAN) and Global Astronomy Month. Have to marvel at the beauty of grand nature and admire those professional photographers.  

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Amazing erupting photos of Iceland’s Grimsvotn

amazing spectacular pictures Iceland Grimsvotn volcano erupt volcanic ash lightning photos (5)

Southeast Iceland’s Grimsvotn volcano has erupted and lots of volcanic ash in the air, which severely infects the airline industry of European countries including Britain. There’re about 500 flights were canceled and thousands of passengers stranded in the airport.  

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The serious eruption of Iceland’s Grimsvotn volcano

sudden severe iceland Grimsvotn volcano eruption europe volcanic ash photos (2)

Grimsvotn volcano, one of the most active volcanoes in Iceland, began eruption recently, which is the severest eruption since 1873. Lots of gas and dust are thrown into the air at altitude 12 miles (19.31 kilometers); volcanic ash has landed 400 km away to the capital Reykjavik. Iceland’s main international airport is closed and the […]

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The world’s largest ice cream cake

amazing cool interesting fun new Guinness World Record worlds largest ice cream cake (3)

May 10, Canada, the famous chain brand of ice cream, Dairy Queen, set a new Guinness World Record to commemorate and celebrate their 30th anniversary. They made the world’s largest ice cream cake with about 9,000 kilograms ice cream, 91 kilograms cake and other 136 kg ingredients, etc.    

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