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Amazing scenery of Russian Antarctic observation station

amazing cool unusual funny Russian Antarctic observation station scenery photos (7)

There’re so many beautiful and amazing places on the earth, and how many places did we ever visit? Let’s have a look at Russian Antarctic observation station through these amazing photos, which were taken by Russian reporter Chekalin when he’s visiting the Antarctic observation station. This is Russian Antarctic observation station’s fresh water well. Antarctic […]

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Spectacular contrail photos of Russia’s rocket

stunning beautiful cool awesome wonderful russia rocket contrail long exposure photos (2)

The contrail photos record the motions of the Soyuz 2.1a/Fregat rocket in the night sky by the way of long exposure. 4th May, the Soyuz 2.1a/Fregat rocket launched at Plesetsk, a Russian, photographer perhaps, took these amazing photos in Yekaterinburg.    

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The photos of new U.S. forces’ stealth helicopter downed in Pakistan that participated in the raid on Osama Bin Laden

new secret U.S. forces stealth helicopter downed Pakistan raid Osama Bin Laden photos (5)

The photos of U.S. military forces’ secret helicopter were exposed, which participated in top secret military operation to hunt for the world’s most wanted man – Osama Bin Laden. It’s obvious that after the raid Navy SEAL failed to destroy this stealth helicopter downed in Pakistan. It’s perhaps the first appearance in public that this […]

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Furious passengers burned trains for the trains were running behind

Argentina Buenos Aires Haedo arson passengers burned trains riots chaos

May 2, the province of Buenos Aires in Argentina, in Mariano J. Haedo, discontented passengers burned trains as the trains were seriously overdue. The riots then spread to other cities and caused more trains were burned. Police had arrested three suspected arson suspects.  

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Amazing images of the Mandelbrot set

splendid awesome beautiful cool magnificent stunning images Mandelbrot set pictures (13)

Mandelbrot set is perhaps the most magnificent and surprising geometry in the history of human, it named after American mathematician Professor Benoît Mandelbrot, which was once called "God’s fingerprint.” This special mathematical set of points set is from the formula: Zn+1=(Zn)^2+C     Next Pages

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Model of San Francisco by one million toothpicks

amazing cool weird fun art work Model of San Francisco glue million toothpicks (5)

American artist Scott Weaver took nearly 35 years over creating a model of San Francisco, which is entirely made of toothpicks and glue. In 1977, 17 years old Scott began to use toothpicks to make the Golden Gate Bridge, after the work is complete, making model with toothpicks became his favorite pastime. This magnificent "Toothpick […]

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Touch and embrace whales in Mexico

amazing fun attractive travel trip play hug touch friendly Mexican gray whales (7)

Just imagine the feeling of embracing a marine animal who is 14 meters long and weighs 40 ton. Mexican gray whales are very friendly; tourists can closely play with them, and even touch and kiss them. Mexico’s local authority has marked off an area in San Ignacio Sea waters for whales watching. From February to […]

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Weird ‘Body Worlds Animals Exhibition’ in Germany

amazing weird strange Body Worlds Animals Exhibition Cologne German anatomist (14)

Dr. Gunther von Hagens, a German anatomist who had held the exhibition of plasticized human specimens. Recently, Gunther von Hagens held ‘Body Worlds Animals Exhibition’ in the Cologne Zoo. Animal carcasses, skin and organs processed in special way were showing in public.  

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Dazzling tulips in full bloom in Holland

beautiful charming dazzling impressive nice stunning tulips bloom Holland (4)

Recently, tulips in Holland are now in full bloom, from the air like beautiful and dazzling carpets on the land. In the western Netherlands, Lisse, colorful tulip farms stretching to the horizon, where farmers expect to sell around the world the flower to get huge profits. Hundreds of thousands of tourists have flocked to here […]

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Take 5 months to dig 320 meters tunnel – a successful break prison planned by Taliban in Afghanistan

Afghanistan Kandahar Taliban break prison escape tunnel (2)

April 25, Afghanistan, head of the prison was watching the escape tunnel. Afghan officials said more than 400 prisoners escaped from the prison in the small hours in Kandahar of southern Afghanistan. After the incident, the Afghan Taliban spokesman said militants began to dig from a location south of the prison and took 5 months […]

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Amazing man who can pass through a tennis racket

amazing shocking crazy cool unbelievable people man most flexible soft ability (3)

He looks as if he has no bones. I think it must be his inherent ability, even making a desperate effort, an ordinary people can not be like him.  

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