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Take 5 months to dig 320 meters tunnel – a successful break prison planned by Taliban in Afghanistan

Afghanistan Kandahar Taliban break prison escape tunnel (2)

April 25, Afghanistan, head of the prison was watching the escape tunnel. Afghan officials said more than 400 prisoners escaped from the prison in the small hours in Kandahar of southern Afghanistan. After the incident, the Afghan Taliban spokesman said militants began to dig from a location south of the prison and took 5 months […]

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Amazing man who can pass through a tennis racket

amazing shocking crazy cool unbelievable people man most flexible soft ability (3)

He looks as if he has no bones. I think it must be his inherent ability, even making a desperate effort, an ordinary people can not be like him.  

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Attractive Songkran (Water-sprinkling festival) in Thailand

Attractive funny amusing Songkran Water-sprinkling festival Thailand (20)

April 13 each year is the Songkran (Water-sprinkling festival) in Thailand; it’s the richest nationality characteristic festival and generally lasts 3-7 days in the hottest weather in Thailand, During the Songkran, people sprinkle water to each other for goodwill. Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos and other Southeast Asian countries also have this festival. Going to Thailand for […]

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The world’s most beautiful cliff

amazing cool awesome spectacular wonder Preikestolen Lysefjord Ryfylke Norway cliff_ (16)

The Lysefjord in Ryfylke of southern Norway, Preikestolen is a famous tourist destination. the highest of the cliff is 604 meters (1982 feet) from the surface of the water and the area is ​​about 600 square meters. This famous tourist attraction also has other names: Prekestolen, Preacher’s Pulpit, Pulpit Rock or Hyvlatonnå. Never go to […]

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Antarctic expedition in 1915

Ernest Shackleton Antarctic South Pole discovery expedition exploration old photo (4)

Ernest Shackleton (February 15, 1874 – January 5, 1922), British Antarctic explorer who is famous for Antarctic exploration, was born in County Kildare in Ireland; he’s the second child in the home of 10 children. 1907 – 1909, he led the discovery ship named ‘Nimrod’ to Antarctica. January 9, 1909, they’re exerting for a final […]

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Amazing landscape of Kamchatka volcano crater

incredible spectacular wonderful landscape Kamchatka Mutnovsky volcano crater (6)

Kamchatka in Siberia of Russia is one of the most famous volcanic regions in the world, which has high density of active volcanoes with different types and geographical features. Mutnovsky volcano craters, Kamtchatka, there’re numerous fumaroles emitting hot sulfur and smoke gas, boiling mud pots and hot geysers, crystalline sulfur, etc. Adventurers can even enjoy […]

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Japan’s Shinmoedake Volcano erupted once again this month

amazing spectacular cool shocking grand wonder Japan Volcano eurption lightning storm (2)

April 18, Japan’s Shinmoedake Volcano, which is on the southern island of Kyushu, erupted again on a small scale. In the light of the sources of Japan Weather Agency, it was the second eruption of Shinmoedake Volcano this month since the last time on April 9.    

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Special prowess of pizza-making

wonderful greatest best Italy World Pizza Championship pizza-making process skills master (5)

How to make a delicious pizza is an artful work, April 13, the 20th World Pizza Championship held in Italy, pizza-making masters from around the world had shown their special prowess. It’s really a great pleasure to eat such great pizza, and is a kind of visual enjoyment as well to watch the whole process […]

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Pristine whales hunting fishermen in Indonesia

pristine fishermen conquest hunt fish whales sharks Indonesia primitive fishing (19)

Copyright of this photo: Ardiles Rante When the Japanese are wantonly driving modernization whalers to hunt on the ocean, a small island in Indonesia, there’s a group of fishermen who are fishing in tradition of Stone-Age, by using the most rudimentary tools to conquest whales and sharks in small wooden boats, they’re the last ‘pristine […]

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Unusual feast at a height of 50 metres – Dinner in the sky

amazing unusual weird funny offbeat cool Dinner in the sky air

"Dinner in the sky" originated in Belgium, the platform is hung at a height of 50 metres by a 120-ton giant crane and customers can enjoy an unusual feast in the air. The dinner table is 9 meters long, 5 meters wide and weighs 6 tons, which fixed to the platform of metal frame. The […]

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Decommissioned frigate became fishing rock

Australian Navy retired decommissioned frigate ship sink artificial reefs sea bed

April 13, Gosford, the eastern town in New South Wales, Australia, an Australian Navy’s decommissioned frigate was sunk and came to rest on the sea bed, it will then become artificial fishing rock. Many locals and tourists were watching the whole process.   

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