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The world’s most expensive cheese

worlds most expensive cheese made With Donkey Milk

The most expensive cheese in the world costs you $576 per pound, which is made from donkey milk. A donkey squirts only one twentieth of a gallon of milk a day and one pound of cheese of this sort will take about 3 gallons of milk. Source

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Scary optical illusion paintings on human bodies

scary horrible bodyart optical illusion paintings (5)

Horrible body art of optical illusion paintings made by Japanese artist Chooo-San that eyes, mouths, zippers, plugs and frightening faces were painted on human bodies. Source

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Amazing Creature Cups

handmade unique funny interesting cool coffee tea cups design (1)

These handmade coffee and tea cups are designed by Yumi that inside there’re three-dimensional creatures who will share your favorite beverage and will emerge as you drink. These unique cups are dishwasher safe, microwavable, and hold 11 oz. You can order on Etsy Source

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Hang gliding prototype for people who having acrophobia

funny weird odd invention hang gliding vehicle (4)

It’s a human powered vehicle and also a prototype made for people who having acrophobia wanna experience hang gliding :) the harness attached to the structure can help people transforming from running into flying position. Video I’ll not have a try… Source

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Nautilus house

awesome beautiful fairy shell house home design

Fantastic Nautilus house designed by Mexican architect Javier Senosiain is located near Mexico City; this amazingly beautiful shell shaped house was commissioned by a young couple who wanted their children to grow up in a nature inspired home. Source

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Crystal insects

cool photography amazing beautiful close up insects photos (2)

These stunning beautiful close-up photos were taken by David Chambon, a French photographer, who captured amazing moments with a macro lens when water droplets were in the morning still clinging on the insects.   Source

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The world’s smallest revolver and rim fire ammunition

amazing cool worlds smallest gun revolver (4)

This miniature double action revolver is the world’s smallest firearm that has all features same as a regular gun, of which the total length doesn’t exceed 5.5 cm. Swiss Mini Gun shoots 2.34 mm calibre rim fire ammunition which is the world’s smallest rim fire ammunition. Source Video

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Unique works of art – Book carvings

cool amazing wonderful awesome book carvings artwork (6)

Amazing book carvings were made by Julia Feld, a St. Louis based artist, who transformed large books into awesome artworks with knives, tweezers, and scissors. Source

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Eco-friendly house in which one person could live comfortably

creative environmental eco-friendly house building design (1)

This compact house named the Cube at the University of Hertfordshire is designed by Dr Mike Page and his team, which can provide everything that one person might need with a minimum impact on the environment. Solar powered 27 cubic meters (3x3x3) house includes a lounge with a table and two chairs, a small double […]

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Turning a church into a residential house

amazing building architecture church house

Zecc Architects turned St. Jakobus church in the Netherlands into a modern house, which was already registered as a municipal monument for the historic significance it had. Source

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Amazing suitcase stickers

creative funny interesting cool suicase ssticker

These controversial suitcase stickers will make you become a focus of public attention. Source

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