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Only in Japan – Toilet powered motorbike

only in japan weird odd strange bizarre products toilet motorcycle (1)

The toilet powered motorcycle is created by Japanese toilet manufacturer TOTO and is design to run on human waste, which can convert human waste into biogas fuel. Beside its eco-friendly features, it can play music and even talk to the rider as they drive. Source Video

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Creative Use Of Negative Space In Art

cool amzing images illustration negative space (14)

Outstanding graphic designer Noma Bar created amazing illustrations that are composed by empty space around shapes and multiple subjects, really impressive, enjoy~   Source

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Amazing space travel photography

International Space Station Slow Shutter Space Travel Photography images (7)

Nowadays few photographers may have the opportunity to take pictures of space travel. NASA astronaut Don Pettit in the International Space Station had captured amazing images with slow shutter space photography that show the lights of the world merging into solid trails.   Source

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Animated paper folding art

animated awesome amazing cool paper folding origami sculptures art (7)

Amazing origami sculptures look like vividly animals and fictional characters created by talented artist Shuki Kato, Kamiya Satoshi, robert Lang and John Montroll. Next Pages

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Amazing shoes

creative unusual bizarre odd strange crazy funny weird shoes (8)

Unusual and weird shoes designed by creative footwear designers around the world. I don’t think the shoes below are designed for human beings. High heel shoes made for the fans of Super Mario.   Metal Shoes Stormtrooper shoes designed for the fans of Star Wars.

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Amazing 3D street illusion

incredible amazing cool awesome impressive 3d street paintings art

Amazing 3D illusion paintings by German artist Manfred Stader served as backdrops that people can take incredible and creative photos. Next Pages

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New human carrying transportation device – Personal Helicopter

cool high technology human carrying transportation device helicopter

German company E-volo had developed a kind of prototype of human carrying transportation device named ‘E-volo multicopter’ like a helicopter with sixteen electric propellers and simple control joystick for pilot. Video

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How to create 3D street painting

cool amazing wonderful awesome 3d street painting art (5)

Three-dimensional street painting of LEGO Army created by Leon Keer, Ruben Poncia, Remko van Schaik, and Peter Westerink during the Sarasota chalk festival in Florida.   Video

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Incredible Gravity Defying Photos by Artist Li Wei

Incredible unbelievable amazing cool awesome performance art Gravity Defying photos (16)

With the help of metal wires, rope, mirrors and acrobatics, Chinese performance artist Li Wei created incredible photos that people were in unbelievable condition of weightlessness alike. Finally, artist used Photoshop to remove the trails of rope and wires. Next Pages

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Amazed newspaper sculptures – Creepy but still creative

freaking weird odd strange scary creepy bizarre paper sculptures (14)

These sculptures look a little weird are created out of recycled newspapers, magazines, and books by Nick Georgiou, of which some look scary, creepy but still creative! Next Pages

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Anamorphosis paintings

amazing cool incredible 3d Anamorphosis street art paintings (18)

Cool three-dimensional paintings created by artists Joe Hill and Max Lowry provide wonderful backdrops for audience to take amazing pictures. Next Pages

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